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Summer Fruit Juices To Beat The Heat

By Super

Summer is in and it is high time to beat this scorching heat so as to protect your body from dehydration. Fruit juices in summer are the best remedy to prevent dehydration, which is a typical problem of summer. Homemade fruit juices are the best easily made juices that are pure, fresh and helpful.

Aam raas (mango juice) is the most common summer fruit juice. As it is a seasonal fruit, mango contains vitamin A, C and E. The fruit can be consumed as a juice or raw or as a dessert like mango pudding. The cold soothing effect of the sweet juice helps beat the heat and keep you active.

Lemon juice is another homemade summer fruit juice which can be made in a minute. Lemon juice can be sweet, salt or both and is a strong fluid to solve dehydration. The green oval fruit provides 29 kcal energy and controls blood pressure too. It also vitalizes the skin cells and bring glow.

Tender coconut water is a natural fluid which cools your digestive system that might not function properly due to change weather. Immunity of the body tends to function loose during summers. The low in fat and sugar water provides oxygen and nutrients to the body cells and re-hydrates your body.

Mosambi juice also known as sweet lime juice has a pocketful of benefits. A key feature of mosambi juice is that it is very sweet and not acidic. It is also a good source of vitamin C, copper and iron. It cures constipation, enhances digestion and helps the skin from pigmentation, black spots and pimples. So, a nice juice to bring glow on your skin and fight sun tan.

Water melon juice is the big green fruit of the season and can be consumed raw or as a juice in summer. The fruit is famous for its vitamin warehouse, increases energy, protects from cold, gives a cooling effect and most importantly re-hydrates the body.The fruit is also good for people on diet.

It is to easy to sweat out the fluids that keep us healthy and hydrated, especially if you are active. It"s even more important to keep kids topped up and because they don"t want to stop the fun to drink, it is easy to make summer juices at home and give them instantly. Few other summer juices like tomato juice, carrot juice, peach juice and cucumber juice is also good for health and useful to beat this heat and the problems which occur due to it.

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