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Top Three Refreshing Natural Drinks For Monsoon

Monsoon season ushers in a welcoming relief from the Summer scorch. Monsoon season also brings with it a blanketing gloom despite its reliving aspect of heat. The dullness, characteristic of the Monsoon showers could make one lethargic and prone to minor ailments. Here are the top three simple natural drinks for Monsoon that keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated.


Ginger Tea

Ginger is a natural spice that is known for its refreshing aspect. Ginger tea is one of the best natural drinks for monsoon. It may be a very common drink, but it should be noted that it is so for the health benefits that it renders.

Ginger cures stomach upset that is characteristic of Monsoon. It brings about a soothing relief to cold and cough, sore throat and respiratory allergies that are common during the season.

Ginger tea is an efficient aid for digestion in Monsoon as the gloom can impair engaging in physical activities. Further more it relieves pain owing to rheumatoid arthritis and muscle pain that inflames during the season and transports it to the forthcoming Winter to get aggravated. It also controls nausea and reduces inflammation.

Hence an efficient Monsoon drink, nevertheless one of the best natural energy drinks.

Sukku Malli Coffee (Dry ginger & Coriander Seed coffee)

Coffee brewed from Sukku, (dry ginger powder) and Malli (Coriander powder) is also one of the ideal natural drinks for Monsoon. Sukku Malli coffee (recipe) is easy to prepare at your kitchen and has innumerable health benefits. It is a welcoming relief and remedy to indigestion during Monsoon. It is also a solution to combat loss of appetite that is common during the season owing to less physical activities. It cures headaches and mild giddiness. It brings about relief from cold and cough. Owing to its highly refreshing aspect, it is an ideal Monsoon drink.

Tulsi Tea

Tulsi or Basil leaf is one of the natural herbs with immense medicinal properties. Tea made out of Tulsi is one of the good natural drinks for Monsoon. It is rich in antioxidants. It builds immunity while prone to ailments owing to changing weather. It fights infections. It improves digestion and increases the stamina.

Apart from the above mentioned health benefits of Tulsi tea, its relieving effect on cold and cough and other respiratory ailments is what makes it an amazing Monsoon drink. (Read how to make Tulsi Tea)

These natural energy drinks not only keep you pepped up during Monsoon, but also extend their aid to confront common ailments that are characteristic of the season. It is however advised to consult your physician before planning to take prolonged intake of these herbal drinks.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 14:04 [IST]
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