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The Ill Effects Of Breast Implants

By Super

When it comes to a trend, there are a number of women who are dying to get that gorgeous figure and perfect assets! Therefore, the introduction of 'breast implants', helping those women who have an imperfection, to achieve a desired result! Though, most women are opting for breast implants, there are side effects to it, which many of you, are surely not aware of.

1.The first ill effect of breast implants is that in some rare cases, complications might linger in. There are chances, that if the implant is not successfully done, the breast might have to be amputated.

2.In some cases, there are women who complain of chest pain due to the implants. The ill effect of breast implants is that it can lead to the lungs and the heart getting affected in the long run as there are chances of the chest wall being injured due to the weight!

3.One common ill effect of breast implant is the loss of sensation! 87 percent of women complain about the loss of sensation in the nipple and breast area after the breast surgery, which is due to the damage of the nerve endings. Surgeons, claim to say that this loss of sensation, normally does occur after the surgery, but it is only temporary!

4.The cost of these implants is pricey. There is no guarantee that this will last forever. When it comes to the ill effects of breast implants, they say that the implants can rupture causing deflation! The worst effect is that, when it does rupture, there is a dramatic change in the shape of the breast and thus can be only repaired after you recover.

5.One of the common ill effects of breast implants if the deadly scars it leaves behind. These are difficult to get rid of and takes its own time to fade away gradually.

6.When it comes to family family, these breast implants have a huge impact on pregnancy. Breast feeding with breast implants is not safe for the child as well as for the mother, as there are certain chemicals being used in the process of the breast surgery. If you are planning to get a breast surgery done, inform your doctor about your family planning process, for the future!

These are some of the ill effects of breast implants!

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 14:58 [IST]
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