Healthy Dessert Options For Christmas

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Healthy Desserts
The festive season is on and festivals give a strong tug at our sweet tooth. Deserts for Christmas have to be made and devoured but provided they are healthy desserts. To manage your weight and heart during the last months of the year becomes a problem because no matter which party you go to, mouth watering sweet dishes are served. You can easily make a mental note of the low fat dessert you 'can' and 'cannot' pick if only you knew how many calories are baked under it.

Here is a list of the healthy desserts you have hog on for this festive month.

Healthy Dessert Options For Christmas:

1. Fruit Cakes: If you thought all cakes were fattening then you are wrong. Fruit cakes are definitely less fattening Christmas desserts than cheese cakes or creamy pastries. Other than the fact they are juicy and low in the calorie count, they also have the nutrition of the fruits and their fresh taste.

2. Cookies: Cookies are usually considered low fat desserts unless you have them by the dozens. Cookies can easily bakes without eggs and excesses of butter. You need to find out by looking at the cookies, exactly how fattening they are and decide your portions accordingly.

3. Dark Chocolate Desserts: Dark chocolate is full of good cholesterol and anti oxidants and thus the the desserts that use it as the main ingredient are healthy dessert. It is understood that dark chocolate is also unsweetened so the calories are naturally low. Dark chocolate mouse or pudding might not be as bad as the counterparts made with milk chocolates.

4. Custards: They are neither irritatingly sweet not full of junk. Custards contain fresh fruits which makes it very nutritious other than being a low fat Christmas dessert. You have almost any type of custard (other than caramel custard) because its basic makeup remains the same. Just watch your helpings.

5. Tarts: Apple tarts, jelly tarts etc are all acceptable as long as they are not particularly 'sweetened'. A layer or two of good fruit jelly won't kill you and make you burst. Tarts are usual eaten in small portions so go ahead and enjoy it your desserts.

6. Nutty Desserts: The desserts that use grated nuts for crunch are not unhealthy. You can have nuts like almonds, pistachios etc as part of your sweet dishes without worrying. Avoid an overdoes of dry fruits like raisins and cashews, especially fried ones.

7. Fruit Salads: This probably healthiest of the lot. No matter how many spoons of cream you pour into your fruit salad, it remains healthy and filled with essential nutrients. It has natural sugars so there is no need to add any extra artificially. Healthy, safe and easy is the best way to describe this sweet dish.

Use these good health tips to choose healthy desserts this festive season.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 16:39 [IST]
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