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Don't Let Your Computer Give You A Back Pain

Posted By: suparna-chakraborty Chakaraborthy
Back Pain
In this modern lifestyle, with the advent of technology the work culture has become 100 times more efficient. We can now know the world in the computer screen before us but with time we our dependency on computer has increased and computer use from being a luxury has become a necessity. Computers have made work and communication efficient but has taken a toil on our health. One of the worst effects of computer use is back pain.

Three basic reasons of back pain due to computer use are –

1.Bad Posture – Faulty posture is one of the main reason which gives rise to pain. Computer screens usually are below eye level, sitting continuously in the same position and hunching to slouching are few of the bad postures which everyone falls prey to which using computers.

2.Stress Injury – Certain movements made while sitting in a bad posture before the computer can out strain on back muscles and injure the spine and nerves causing stress injury.

3.Lack Of Workout – While studying for an examination or working for long hours, our body gets devoid of exercises and thus, the muscles get cramped in the same position causing pain.

With all the health complains of computer use, we still can't ignore working on it but by following some basic rules we can get relief from back pain due to computer use. Here are some rules -

1.Correct Posture – Wrong posture puts excess pressure on the spinal cord, which is the basic reason why spondylitis has become a common health illness. Thus, our first aim for relief from back pain due to computer use should be to sit in a correct posture. Correct posture means, sitting straight, make sure our back gets proper rest, put a cushion on the back for more comfortable sitting and our legs should be firmly placed on the ground. This posture distributes the pressure equally in the body. This will make sure that your spinal cord is not affected or pressurized.

2.Take Breaks From Work – Second best way to get relief from back pain due to computer use is to take breaks from work. Working continuously in the same position leads to muscle stress and then injury. To prevent it, take 10-15 minutes break after every one hour. Go for a walk and do some stretching exercises. This will enhance the blood circulation, will de-stress the muscles and also energise them.

3.Exercise Regularly – There is no other best way to back pain relief than regular exercise. Regular exercise is important to workout the muscles. Working out the muscles is important to strengthen them, improve blood circulation. Regular computer use tend to get a person hunch back, exercise helps you to keep up the upright posture. One of the most effective workout is the Swiss ball and bosu ball workout. It should be dome twice a day. Swimming and aqua exercises are very good spine exercise.

4.Loose Weight – Weight gain is one of the biggest concern for people addicted to computer use. Working in a sitting position for long hours tends to lead to weight gain specially on the back and belly. This concentration of fat puts excess pressure on the spine.

5.Enough Rest – Lack of rest in the 24X7 work culture is basic reason for several health issues. After the whole days stress your muscles needs rest and if muscles and spine do not get enough rest diseases like arthritis and spondylitis take place.

Follow these five steps to get relief from back pain due to computer use as persistent pain can also lead to immobility of the body.

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Story first published: Friday, March 11, 2011, 16:22 [IST]
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