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Myths About Exercise Should Be Avoided

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Exercise and fitness are an inseparable part of a human life at an age when to look fit is the highest priority. Gym, yoga classes and aerobics training are mushrooming everywhere. Major crowd aim at weight loss and toning but with so many experts in the market, a number of myths about exercise and fitness are making rounds. These myths can be dangerous if followed as they may have inverse effect on your body or restrict you from the desired result.


Some of the myths about exercise and fitness are here -

1.More hours in the gym leads to more weight loss –This is one of the major myths about exercise. This is not true at all. Each ones body has its own capacity of working out. Excessive workout may lead to release of more stress hormones which can increase your fatigue level. Excess workout can also worn out your muscles. Angelina Jolie also experienced bad health due to over work out and has now been asked to avoid visiting the gym.

2.Girls should not do weights –Weight are thought to be only for weight lifters and a big no for girls. This myth about exercise can restrict fitness. Girls should concentrate more on toning but strengthening your body is also important. Doing weights strengthens the muscles and supports your body for more exercise. This makes your muscles tougher and helps you avoid loose skin.


3.Sit-ups get you flat stomach –People who suffer from fat belly and avoid going to gym, often take up sit-ups which they think will get them flat stomach. The truth is that sit-ups are only one form for many exercises. To get rid of stomach fat, one needs to take up more exercises. Exercise specific to stomach not only curbs out stomach fat but also tightens the muscles around the waist to get you perfect abs. A proper diet also needs to be followed.

4.Walk three times a week –This is a common exercise myth followed by many without any specific reason. Walking is a complete exercise, thus needs to be done everyday as we go to the gym. Walking is a major weight loss exercise and morning walk is a good way of absorbing natural Vitamin D and working out metabolism rate. Walks should be done everyday with breaks of one day in between, to rejuvenate your body.

5.Don't drinking water while walking –This is a age old exercise myth. Drinking water is important while walking. In fact after every 20 minutes one should drink water. While walking we sweat and over sweating may make you dehydrated. Water will help you stay hydrated thus keeping up your energy level. While walking after every 20 minutes take a break. Wait for 5 minutes and sip on water.

6.Building muscles lead to weight loss –The truth is that building muscles and weight loss are two very different processes. One needs to concentrate on weight loss and only then can one build muscles. In order to loose weight one needs to burn calories and in order to build muscles one needs to consume calories. Muscle building process however does not lead to weight gain as they use the calories for muscles.

So, the next time you want to workout, do it devoid all the myths about exercise. This is help you get a perfect body. The mantra of new age is to stay healthy, look fit and be happy.

Story first published: Monday, November 22, 2010, 11:55 [IST]
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