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    How Greek Yogurt Is Good For You

    Strained yogurt also commonly called Greek yogurt has gained immense popularity. This dairy product is very different from regular, sweeter yogurt. How? The Greek yogurt is made by separating out the liquid whey. In this article, you will get to know how Greek yogurt is good for you.

    All yogurts are excellent sources of calcium, protein, zinc, potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. What distinguishes Greek yogurt with regular yogurt is its thicker, creamier texture because the liquid whey is strained out. Also, it contains probiotics and is lower in lactose and has double the protein content of regular yogurt.

    how greek yogurt is good for you

    Why is Greek yogurt better for you? Greek yogurt has surged in popularity in the recent years. The regular yogurt has more sugar and less protein compared to Greek yogurt - it has less sugar, more protein and twice the bone-strengthening mineral calcium.

    It is because of these reasons Greek yogurt is called a superfood. So, read on to know how Greek yogurt is good for you.

    1. It's Packed With Nutrients

    The reason Greek yogurt is called 'Greek' because, the whey is strained off, which is the liquid that's left over after the curdling process. Without the whey, yogurt takes on a thicker, creamier consistency with a higher concentration of protein and this is good for your gut bacteria. Depending on the brand, an average serving of yogurt can have 12 to 17.3 grams of protein. A single cup of Greek yogurt can help you meet the recommended dietary guideline of three daily servings of low-fat dairy products.

    Tip: Go for plain Greek yogurt not the flavoured ones.

    2. It Has The Power Of Protein

    Yogurt has a much higher amount of protein than milk, which your body uses to build muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, and hair. Protein is also one of the most primary nutrients that provides energy and also transfers substances, such as oxygen, across cell membranes. Getting your dose of protein from Greek yogurt is important for your immune system, nerves and in balancing the fluids of the body.

    3. A Good Source Of Probiotics

    Greek yogurt is packed with probiotics, which are the healthy and good bacteria that can help boost your immune system and decrease stomach issues, such as diarrhoea and indigestion. The good bacteria live in your intestines, and having good micro-organisms in your intestines aids in keeping your digestive tract healthy. Probiotics are excellent for the digestive system, and especially helpful to people who suffer from health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

    4. Rich In Vitamin B12

    Greek yogurt is rich in vitamin B12 and this vitamin is necessary for the red blood cells to form. It improves the brain functions and DNA synthesis. Instead of including vitamin B12 supplements into your diet, have Greek yogurt, which offers a powerful and natural alternative to vitamin B12 supplements. Vegetarians often lack in vitamin B12 foods because it is generally found in meat, eggs and fish. So, have Greek yogurt to boost your vitamin B12 intake.

    5. Good Source Of Calcium

    Greek yogurt is high in calcium. This mineral is the key to building strong muscles and helping your vital organs to function properly. Your body doesn't produce calcium on its own, so you need to increase your calcium intake by having Greek yogurt daily. A single serving of Greek yogurt has 18.7 percent of your daily value for calcium. Without enough calcium, adults can be at a risk of osteoporosis.

    6. Aids In Weight Loss

    Greek yogurt can keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. Have it as an afternoon snack to reduce your hunger pangs and keep you feeling ready for dinner when it is only 5 PM. It is because the yogurt contains varying amounts of protein that will keep your tummy full for a longer time. You can either incorporate the yogurt into your smoothies or have it with chia seeds.

    7. It Keeps Your Digestive System Healthy

    The beneficial micro-organisms are naturally found in Greek yogurt which has been shown to keep your tummy happy by easing lactose intolerance, diarrhoea, and constipation. It also aids serious gut issues like Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. So, the next time if you are facing indigestion, constipation or other stomach-related problems, include Greek yogurt in your diet.

    8. Rich Source Of Potassium

    One single serving of Greek yogurt can have up to 6.8 percent of your daily potassium intake value. Potassium has many health benefits like it lowers blood pressure and balances out the sodium levels in the body. It also brings relief from stroke, heart and kidney disorders, anxiety and stress. Potassium present in Greek yogurt helps to enhance muscle strength, metabolism, electrolyte functions, water balance and the nervous system.

    9. A Perfect Workout Recovery Food

    Greek yogurt can be a healthy and satisfying treat after a tough workout because it will not only tide you over until your next meal, but also it contains protein that can repair damage done by exercise. Greek yogurt is high in amino acids, which make up proteins, and proteins are the building blocks of the body. It regenerates muscle tissues and repairs fibre damage.

    How To Buy The Right Greek Yogurt?

    Many companies may label strained or unstrained yogurt as Greek based on the consistency and taste. But, check the label and see whether it doesn't contain thickening agents, such as starches or gelatin, whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, pectin and modified food starch.

    The best Greek yogurt is the plain, unsweetened, low-fat type without any additives.

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