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Did You Know About These Amazing Benefits Of Cilantro?

One of the wonder herbs that most of the dishes seem incomplete without is "Cilantro" and if you are a foodie and also love to cook, then you would surely agree on the fact that the best way to present a dish is to garnish it using cilantro.

This herb not just enhances the look of a dish but also comes with several health benefits that give you more than enough reason to incorporate it into your daily meal.

What Is Cilantro?

Having the power to improve the feel and taste of any dish, this herb is a must-have in your kitchen. This is ideally known by its Spanish name but is referred to by various names in different parts of the world. You might be better versed with this herb using the name Coriander or Chinese parsley.

This herb is something that people swear by all across the globe as a culinary sensation. Being one of the oldest spices in history, this herb dates back to about 7,000 years. Also, its origin is associated with the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.

The Health Benefits Offered By Cilantro

There must be some strong reason behind its usage dating back to several decades and when looked upon and understood in depth, you will be amazed to see the number of health benefits that this herb can offer. Read on to know how incorporating this herb in your daily meal can improve your health and overall well being.

• Reduces The Risk Of Tumor Formation And Growth

Production of specific enzymes is induced by compounds such as phthalides and terpenoids that are actively found in cilantro. These are beneficial in converting the tumor-causing ions into less toxic forms. This helps in reducing tumor formation and its growth.

• Body Detoxification

Considered to possess the best biochemical profiles among all other herbs, cilantro is capable of rejuvenating one's body to a great extent. The terpenoids, carotenoids, and polyacetylenes present in cilantro are able to hunt for the harmful free radicals and also lead to the reactivation of oxygen species in the blood. Consuming one glass of cilantro crush will be able to flush out all forms of toxins from your body.

• Anti-inflammatory And Natural Painkiller

Coriander (cilantro) seeds are known to possess analgesic feature. They can act on the central pain receptors and reduce the feeling of pain. The active compound that gives cilantro this property is Linalool.

• Improves The Process Of Digestion

Cilantro seeds are capable of stimulating the liver so that it produces enough bile juices. It also facilitates the production of more digestive enzymes by the pancreas. This helps in effective digestion of the food in a quick manner and also with minimal loss before it makes its way to the intestines.

• Boosts Memory Power

Brain power is boosted with the consumption of cilantro. This is due to the antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol-lowering abilities of this herb. Exposure of neurons to oxidative stress is reduced that eventually results in better memory.

• Aids Weight Loss

Going by what ayurveda says, decoction of coriander seeds can reduce blood lipid levels. Weight gain is prevented when the sterols that exist in the seeds and leaves of this herb reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol.

• Anti-diabetic Properties

Many across the globe use cilantro as a natural remedy to treat diabetes. The leaves of this herb contain potent anti-inflammatory properties giving this herb the anti-diabetic feature. The anti-inflammatory flavonols that cilantro contains are tannins, sterols, and quercetin.

• Improves The Functioning Of The Kidneys

Eating coriander seeds can treat urinary tract infections to a great extent. The seeds of coriander are known to improve the urine filtration rate of the kidneys. Quicker urine is generated this way and hence water retention in the body is reduced. The urinary system is also kept clean when the body eliminates all the microbes and toxins.

• Improves The Skin Texture

With powerful antioxidant properties, cilantro is capable of managing oxidative stress in one's body. Essential oils from cilantro can treat fungal and bacterial infections. It purifies the blood, thus keeping the skin free of pimples and acne.

• Antifungal, Anthelmintic And Antibacterial Agent

Coriander seeds possess antibacterial and antifungal properties. Cilantro can also kill parasites in your body, thus making it an anthelmintic agent. This property also makes coriander worthy to be used for storage and preservation purposes. This means that you can store meat and fish for extended periods by putting in some coriander seeds with it.

Being a powerhouse of nutrients, cilantro is known for its ample uses and health benefits. There are various ways by which you can incorporate coriander in your diet - in the form of garnishing or as a crushed juice. Ensure that you always have enough of this herb in your kitchen, so that you not just use it to enhance the flavour of the cooked dishes but also to give your body plenty of benefits.

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