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Why Foods That Contain Flavonoids Are Good For You?


Though most of us don't need to deeply research about certain compounds present in foods, it helps if you at least know about their names.

Flavonoid is nothing but a polyphenolic compound. It is found in plant-based foods. Eating foods rich in flavonoids is said to be very good for your health.

Are you wondering how? Then read on to know about the benefits of this compound.


Reason #1

They reduce inflammation. Foods like apples, chocolate, beans, berries, onions, cocoa, broccoli and brussels sprouts contain flavonols which minimise inflammation.


Reason #2

Flavonoids can inhibit the growth of certain cancers. In fact, onions are said to contain some compounds which can prevent colon cancer and liver cancer too. So, basically you would want flavonoids for their anti-cancer nature. Green tea, eggplants, plums, blue berries, apricots and broccoli.


Reason #3

Malvidin, pelargondin, peoidin and cyanidin (types of flavonoids) are present in plums, berries and grapes. They can even prevent obesity as well as diabetes.


Reason #4

Anti-oxidants protect your body against free radical damage. The damage done to the body due to pollution, stress and smoke may cause cancer in the long run. Papaya, bell peppers, grapes, berries and green tea contain anti-oxidants.


Reason #5

Even your heart needs flavonols as they reduce BP and bad cholesterol. Cocoa, apples and onions contains flavonols.


Reason #6

Flavonoids are good for your bones too. They help in preserving bone mass.


Reason #7

Flavonoids are good for your nerve cells too. In fact, people suffering from Alzheimer's are said to recover faster when they are kept on diet rich in flavonoids.

Story first published: Friday, March 31, 2017, 16:09 [IST]
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