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10 Fibre-rich Foods You Should Eat

By Tanushree Kulkarni
Fiber Rich Foods | Health Tips | फाइबर से भरपूर खाद्य पदार्थ | Boldsky

Despite the stress laid by nutritionists and health magazines alike, fibre remains one of the most underrated food nutrients in our diet. It is a must we opt for fibre-rich foods on a regular basis. Eating fibre-rich foods every day has several health benefits to offer to the body.

Fibre is almost a miraculous food nutrient that not only helps in regulating the bowel movements, but also helps in keeping the blood sugar level in control, reducing hunger pangs and thereby making you feel fuller for a long time.

Regular consumption of fibrous content helps in decreasing the chances of stroke and hypertension.

Why Fibre?

Fibre is a nutrient that helps in the proper functioning of the digestive tract and body. It is a non-digestible nutrient that is mainly derived from plant-based items. Fibre can be of two types - soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fibres form a gel-like substance in the stomach that keeps harmful substance in the food from getting digested. It also plays an important role in lowering the production of cholesterol in our body.

The main job of the insoluble fibre is to soften the stool and to make the entire process of excretion easier. Insoluble fibre remains unchanged throughout the digestive process. However, despite the major differences in their functioning, neither of these fibres are digested by the body.

Low consumption of fibrous content can lead to painful stools, increase in blood sugar and increased risk of stroke, while excess consumption of fibrous content can prevent the nutrients from getting absorbed into the body.

Excess intake of fibre can also increase the chances of diarrhoea or dehydration.

Leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, and beans are some of the food items that are rich in fibre.

Some Benefits Of Including Fibre In Your Daily Regime

Keeps Your Heart In Good Shape

Studies have shown that consuming fibrous content can help to lower chances of heart diseases and strokes.

Trying To Lose Weight? Include Fibre-rich Food In Your Diet

For those who are trying to lose weight, the best remedy is to include fibre-rich foods in your diet. It makes you feel fuller for a long period of time and reduce cravings.

Helps In Getting Better Skin

For those suffering from acne or skin rashes, consuming fibrous content is the way to keep skin healthy. It helps to move yeast and fungus away from the body, which lowers breakouts.

Reduces Inflammation Of The Intestine

Fibre helps in reducing the risk of inflammation of the intestines significantly.

Now let's look at some of the food items which are rich in fibrous content.


1. Oats

Oats are packed with fibrous content. It is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre. It is also the most versatile food around. One can eat it as a breakfast cereal, or make it into a upma or idly and consume it.


2. Lentils

Lentils or dals, as we call them in India, are one of the richest sources of fibre. These are packed with fibre and carbohydrates that make you feel full for long. Lentils are also very versatile and can be consumed in many different ways. One can consume it in the conventional form or make sambhar, or you can consume it in salads.


3. Fruits

Fruits like apples or oranges are a rich source of dietary fibre. Including these fruits in your diet can prove to be fruitful.


4. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli are some of the cruciferous vegetables that are a great source of fibre. They are also filled with various nutrients that help in supplying other nutritional needs of the body.


5. Berries

Various berries like strawberries, cranberries, gooseberries are a rich source of fibre and help in fulfilling the fibre requirements of the body.


6. Avocados

Avocados are one of the superfoods that are rich in vitamins and fibre. They are also rich in unsaturated fats. Being abundant in fibre, they are a good way to include fibre in your diet.


7. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are another food items that are a rich source of fibre. One can include it as a topping on cereals or ground it and use it in chutneys, or in the chappati dough.


8. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are easily available, extremely healthy, full of nutrients and fibrous rich which are extremely delicious too. It is a great idea to include mushrooms in the diet for your dietary fibre needs.


9. Celery

Celery is rich in fibre, and low in calories. Just 1 cup of celery helps in fulfilling 6 percent of the daily fibrous need of the body.


10. Bran

Bran is a rich source of fibre and it is a good idea to include bran in your diet for your daily fibrous needs.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 19, 2017, 19:30 [IST]