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7 Unusual Reasons To Eat More Citrus Fruit

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Are you someone who loves to eat fruit like oranges? If yes, then you must continue eating oranges and other citrus fruit too, because citrus fruit come with amazing health benefits that you never knew!

Now, we would be familiar with fruit like oranges, limes, grapefruit, citrons, berries, etc., all of which are citrus fruit.

Abundantly available in tropical countries like India, citrus fruit are very popular and are eaten on a regular basis.

In fact, many citrus fruit are used in the preparation of fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, fruit salad, jams, etc., and made to be a tasty part of people's diets.

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Now, most of us might already know that citrus fruit are rich in vitamin C, one of the most important nutrients required for the human body to remain healthy and function well.

The vitamin C derived from citrus fruit has the ability to keep you healthy by allowing your immune system to fight diseases better.

So, here are a few surprising reasons why you must eat citrus fruit regularly.


1. Nourishes The Body

Apart from vitamin C, citrus fruit also contains other nutrients like vitamin B, potassium, prosperous, copper, etc., so they can completely nourish your body!


2. Reduces Constipation

As citrus fruit is rich in fibre, eating them on a regular basis can soften the stools accumulated in your intestines and reduce constipation.


3. Brighten Skin

Citrus fruit have the ability to brighten your complexion from within, as they are rich in antioxidants that can rejuvenate your skin cells from within.


4. Lowers Cholesterol

As most citrus fruit are rich in soluble fibre content, they can reduce your body's capacity to store unhealthy cholesterol, thus reducing the levels.


5. Aids Weight Loss

As citrus fruit are rich in vitamin C, most of them are acidic in nature, so they help burn your fat cells easily, thus aiding weight loss.


6. Prevents Kidney Stones

Citrus fruit may reduce the risk of kidney stones development, as the vitamin C in them, flushes out the toxins and waste accumulated in your kidneys, on a daily basis.


7. Improves Heart Health

The flavonoids and soluble fibre present in citrus fruit have the ability to reduce blood pressure and keep your heart healthy for a longer time.

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Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2017, 9:34 [IST]
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