7 Protein-Rich Vegetables For Muscle Building!

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If you are a strict vegetarian, who yearns to build muscles and attain a toned body, then many people would have told you that it can be very hard without consuming meat or even eggs, right?

Well, worry not vegetarians, because there are a few vegetables that can help you build muscles, and they can be just as effective as meat, when taken on a regular basis and when coupled with the right kind of workouts.

Now, imagine this, you are a vegetarian and you are spending a lot of time at the gym, lifting weight and doing crunches, to attain the much-desired 6-pack abs and tones biceps.

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However, the process of your muscle building seems to be slower, in comparison to people who consume meat and eggs.

This is in fact true, because, meat and eggs are direct sources of protein and it is easier for non-vegetarian to build muscles.

But, many vegetarians are not aware that there are certain vegetables that can help them gain muscles mass quickly!


1. Alfalfa Sprouts

One cup of alfalfa sprouts contains about 33 gm of protein. Consuming them on a regular basis can not only help build muscles, but can also lower your cholesterol levels.


2. Spinach

Spinach is not only rich in iron content, that can improve your blood count, but a cup of spinach also contains about 30 gm of proteins, making it a great food for muscle building.

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3. Cabbage

Cabbage is a vegetable which is rich in fibre content and aids weight loss, however, as it contains 70 gm (one cup) of proteins, it can also help build muscles.


4. Asparagus

One single cup of asparagus contains up to 134 gm of protein, making it an extremely rich vegetarian source of protein that can aid muscle building, effectively!


5. Broccoli

Many of us do not like broccoli, owing to its taste, however, a cup of broccoli contains about 91 gm of protein and eating it on a regular basis can definitely improve your muscle mass.

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6. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is also another protein-rich vegetable, as a cup of it can contain about 100 gm of protein and just about 25 calories, making it a great veggie for muscle building and weight loss.


7. Mushrooms

White mushrooms are also rich in proteins, which is a lesser known fact. A cup of mushrooms can contain up to 103 gm of protein, making it an ideal vegetable for muscle building.

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