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Foods Good For Oral Health


Simply brushing your teeth isn't enough to maintain good oral health. You may need to choose the right foods that are good for your oral health.

Also, it is better to cut certain bad habits that keep destroying your teeth. Smoking and drinking are some examples.

So, here are some of the foods that are good for your oral health. Include them in your diet.


Cheese And Milk

Milk and cheese contain Calcium which is good for teeth. Both of them also play a role in restoring the enamel and in secreting saliva. They also help your mouth maintain the right acid-alkaline balance.


Sesame Seeds

They contain Calcium which is a necessary mineral for both bones and teeth. Eat a handful of those seeds before you go to sleep.



It contains sulphur which can destroy certain types of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Don't avoid onions for the odour they leave in the mouth.



Vitamin C can strengthen your gums. Kiwi provides this vitamin. Weak gums may cause tooth loss. So, don't miss vitamin C.



Water also plays a very important role in maintaining oral health. Never leave your mouth dry. Keep it hydrated by drinking water. Also, avoid smoking and drinking.



Chewing celery is almost like cleaning your teeth. It also secretes saliva.


Green Tea

Apart from many other benefits, green tea also promotes good oral health. It contains catechins and certain other compounds that prevent the formation of plaque.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 12:56 [IST]
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