This One Common Nut Can Treat Tuberculosis, Pneumonia & More!

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Did you know that your own kitchens are the storehouses of powerful medicines? Yes, it is true, because, there is a common nut that we use on a daily basis that can treat dangerous diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.

Most of us run to the hospitals to get advice from the doctors, even if it is for a minor headache, right?

While it is a good practice to seek medical advice, as soon as you detect a symptom, the flip side is that, you could be spending a lot of time and money on an ailment that you could have treated right at home!

As we know, modern medicines contain chemical compounds in them that are rather potent and may cause certain undesirable side effects when taken.

However, when we use home remedies or natural ingredients that are known to prevent and treat certain ailments, then we do not have to fear about side effects.

Did you know that cashew nuts have amazing health benefits that can treat tuberculosis, pneumonia and more?


1. Treats Tuberculosis

Cashew nuts are known to kill the gram positive bacteria that enter the human body, which are known to cause the dangerous respiratory ailment, tuberculosis.


2. Treats Pneumonia

By increasing the internal body temperature, cashew nut has the ability to treat conditions like pneumonia, that can actually be fatal!


3. Prevents Gallstones

The enzymes found in cashews are known to keep your gall bladder free of toxins and waste, thus preventing the formation of harmful gallstones.


4. Prevents Weight Gain

By snacking in cashew nuts, at least once a day, your body's metabolic rate will be boosted, thus preventing weight gain.


5. Prevents Tooth Decay

Again, gram positive bacteria are known to cause tooth decay; cashews can destroy these bacteria in order to prevent tooth decay.


6. Treats Depression

Cashew nuts have gained a lot of popularity recently, as it was discovered that they have the ability to boost the serotonin levels in your brain to treat depression.


7. Prevents Pancreatic Cancer

By stopping the multiplication of cancerous cells in the pancreas, to a certain extent, cashew nuts are known to prevent pancreatic cancer.


8. Treats Anaemia

As cashew nuts are rich in iron content, they can boost the production of healthy red blood cells to treat conditions like anaemia.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 7, 2017, 6:30 [IST]
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