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Are You Lactose Intolerant? Get Your Calcium Need From These Foods

By Needhi Gandhi

Calcium is an essential mineral that strengthens the bones and teeth of the human body. Hence, people need to include a sufficient amount of calcium in their regular diet to keep themselves fit. Generally, milk is considered to be the richest source of calcium and a glass of milk is known to contain almost 300 mg of calcium.

So, the kids are mostly forced to drink at least one glass of milk every day, as they need a lot of calcium for the development of their bones and dental strength.

But many children and even the adults do not really like to have milk, in spite of its high calcium supply to their bodies. A few people also may not have milk due to the presence of lactose in it, since they are lactose intolerant and cannot digest it.

Also, milk may not be available in every part of the world, to fulfill the necessary doses of calcium for the people.

So, the alternative source of calcium is long hunted by the scientists and dietitians. Now a number of other foods are known that are enriched with more calcium content than a glass of milk. Continue reading to know more about these foods.



The roasted chickpea is a favourite food of many people when it is served as a part of a tasty salad or soup. It is found that one and a half cups of chickpeas contains 315 mg of calcium and a lot of fibre, as well as protein. So, it can easily serve as an alternative source of calcium.



The oats are known to be a very healthy cereal and it is also found to be a rich source of calcium, along with fibres, vitamin B and other important nutrients. According to the dietitians, only half a cup of oats contain 200 mg of calcium that is more than the similar quantity of milk. Moreover, oats are usually consumed with soya milk or almond milk, both of which are tastier alternatives of cow milk and are richer sources of calcium.



As soya milk is a rich source of calcium, tofu or the bean curd prepared from soya milk is known to be a tastier alternative to milk for very high calcium supply. It is seen that a cup of firm tofu supplies 861 mg of calcium that is more than enough for any child or adult, along with a good content of protein and fibre.



Almond is the most popular variety of nuts that is loved by young and old. The research has established that only a ¾th cup of this healthy nut contains 320 mg of calcium and thus it can easily replace the milk for the kids. Moreover, almond is also known to be beneficial for improving the brain power in growing children.



Salmon is a tasty sea fish that is known to be a very healthy food. It is found that only one serving of fresh or canned salmon can supply approximately 350 mg of calcium. Moreover, it also has a rich content of vitamin D that is essential for the calcium absorption in body cells. This fish also provides a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, which help in keeping the body healthier.



Sardine is another healthy sea fish, a small serving of which contains 370 mg of calcium. Like other seafood varieties, sardines also contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D that are necessary for the good health of any person. So tasty dishes prepared of these sea fishes should be included in the meals as often as possible.


Green Leafy Vegetables:

The fresh green leafy vegetables are always the first suggestion of any dietitian or doctor for a healthy vegetarian meal. Spinach, kale, turnip greens, bok choy and mustard leaves are known to be the great sources of calcium. It is seen that 2 cups of turnip greens contain 394 mg of calcium, while a similar quantity of kale provides 188 mg of calcium. So the salads, green smoothie and tasty cuisines made of these vegetables wonderfully replace the necessity of milk consumption.


Dried Figs:

The dry fig is a popular sweet dry fruit that is generally added to the cornflakes or oats to make it a tastier breakfast meal. One and a half cups of dried figs supply 320 mg of calcium, along with a large content of healthy antioxidants.


Ricotta Cheese:

Ricotta is a popular form of creamy cheese that is widely used in making tasty desserts with various sweet fruits. The dietitians recommend this cheese because a 3/4th cup of ricotta cheese is found to contain 380 mg of calcium and 21 g of proteins, making it an ideal food for the fast growth of children.

Hence, all these healthy foods perfectly provide a balanced diet with lots of calcium, for which the daily intake of cow's milk can be skipped.

Story first published: Thursday, December 7, 2017, 11:01 [IST]
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