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Why Fruits And Vegetables Should Dominate Your Diet

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Do you know why vegetables must dominate your plate? Well, they contribute a major share of nutrients to you.

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Most of us can't avoid eating cooked foods. Though we know that rice and other types of grains can harm health, we can't stay away from them.

So, is there a way to save your health when you can't really do any sacrifice by staying away from grains? Well, you can fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruits and thereby minimise the danger a bit.

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This way, you will be able to minimise your rice consumption as you tend to fill yourself more with fruits and vegetables. Also, you tend to absorb more nutrients as fruits and veggies contribute a lot. Here are some health benefits of eating some fruits and vegetables regularly.



Apricots contain anti-inflammatory compounds. They can treat ulcers, certain kidney issues and bowel issues. The antioxidants in them can boost immunity.



They supply potassium which is necessary for a healthy nervous system. Also, bananas contribute many essential vitamins and minerals that are important for overall health.



Apart from boosting your immunity, dates can also protect your heart and prevent liver issues. Certain chemicals in drugs and alcohol can damage the liver. Dates can minimise the damage. Some studies claim that dates can also reduce plaque formation.



Avocados can relax your blood vessels and reduce your heart rate. They can relieve hypertension. Also, the fat that comes from avocado is healthier than other sources of fat.



Watermelon is full of antioxidants, anticancer and anti-inflammatory compounds. It can prevent heart issues, certain types of cancer and also minimise oxidative damage.



Certain studies claim that lemon has properties similar to aspirin. Also, the vitamin C present in it can boost the immune system.



What most of us seldom know is the fact that cucumbers contain a compound that can boost cognitive function. They also prevent certain types of cancers.

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