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Vegetables That Fight Disease

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If your diet is carefully planned, food acts like your medicine. It heals, protects and energises you. Some vegetables have medicinal properties that prevent many health issues.

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Some fruits, spices and even vegetables have disease-fighting abilities. Instead of eating processed foods, if you can fill your plate with such vegetables, your health will soon be better.

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As prevention is a wiser option than cure, let us discuss about the disease-fighting vegetables that can be included in your diet.


Bell Peppers

They offer folic acid and lycopene. certain studies indicate that they have the ability to prevent cancers related to certain organs like the bladder, colon, lungs and pancreas.



No doubt, it is known as a super food; it contains loads of nutrients. Rich in iron and many other minerals and vitamins, spinach can keep arthritis, osteoporosis, colon cancer and heart issues at bay.



This vegetable is said to protect the heart and minimise the risk of dementia and also stroke. Use it in your daily recipes.



They offer folate and vitamin C. Also, onions contain certain compounds that can prevent loss of calcium and osteoporosis.


Sweet Potatoes

They offer energy, keep your digestive health normal and also offer enough fibre and vitamins C and A.

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