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10 Best North Indian Foods That Won't Make You Fat

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India is popular for an array of exotic things, including its mouth-watering food!

Every different state in India has its own platter of amazing delicacies that have attracted people from all around the world.

The famous butter chicken masala, paneer butter masala, kebabs, etc, are popular among people in every part of the world.

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The northern part of India is popular for its tantalising dishes, most of which are rich, delectable and also high in calories.

It is really hard to be around so many tempting dishes and still maintain a healthy weight!

North Indian dishes are known to contain a lot of ghee, butter, oil, etc, to make them more tastier and richer in consistency.

Consuming such foods that are high in fat content and caloric values can be hazardous to your health in the long run.

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Certain disorders like obesity, cholesterol, blood pressure, coronary diseases, etc, can occur if one consumes fatty foods on a regular basis.

So, it is important to maintain a diet which is healthy and does not include high-calorie foods.

Check out this list of yummy North Indian delicacies which are healthy, filling and do not make you gain weight at all!


1. Corn Bhel

The best time to savour this tasty North Indian snack is in the evenings. Made with healthy ingredients like baked sev, boiled corn, grated veggies, etc, this snack comes with just about 100 calories per serving.


2. Boiled Chana Salad

This dish is rich in proteins and also has very less calories. Made with boiled chana and spices that are added for taste, this salad can be munched on at any time, without the fear of adding on weight.


3. Dhokla

Dhokla is another North Indian delicacy that has a very low fat content, but is high in its nutritional value. It comes with just about 90 calories per serving!


4. Tandoori Roti

Tandoori rotis are made from whole wheat and are baked without oil, so this is the healthiest option for you when it comes to Indian breads, if you are diet-conscious.


5. Palak Paneer Curry

If prepared without using too much oil or butter, palak paneer curry can prove to be very low in calories. It is also healthy because it is packed with iron and protein content. Palak paneer comes with around 189 calories per bowl.


6. Mixed Vegetable Curry

With just about 95 calories per cup, mixed vegetable curry, prepared with less oil, is another healthy North Indian option to add to your diet, if you do not want to put on weight.


7. Baked Hara Bara Kebab

This is another North Indian favorite that is healthy as well as low in fat content. You can bake the kebabs in an oven, instead of deep frying them. They contain around 101 calories per 50 g.


8. Chicken Momos

A delicacy for the North-Eastern parts of India, steamed chicken momos have very less oil and fat content. They can be relished without any fear of gaining weight.


9. Steamed Meat Balls Curry

When a curry is made from steamed meat balls, instead of the regular deep-fried variety, then you have yet another low-calorie North Indian subzi to enjoy your tandoori roti with!


10. Dry Chicken Tikka

This delectable dish has just about 10 g of fat per serving and is rich in protein and other essential nutrients. When prepared dry, without adding much oil and rich sauces, it can be one of the healthiest dishes to opt for.

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