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7 Common Energy-Killing Foods You Should Completely Avoid!

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You are someone who ensures that you lead a healthy lifestyle by eating right, getting some exercise, keeping a close check on your health and so on, still you keep feeling lethargic and tired quite often!

Have you ever wondered why that happens? It is understandable if one experiences fatigue and constant low energy levels if he/she has an ailment or does not follow a healthy lifestyle.

However, if you are quite healthy and follow a rather healthy lifestyle, but still feel tired all the time, then it may be time for you to have a closer look at your daily food habits.

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Low energy levels can seriously hamper a person's life, as carrying out everyday tasks becomes quite difficult if a person is constantly tired!

Enjoying a sport that you like, concentrating on your job or school work, partying with your friends, etc, can seem quite tedious when your energy levels are not up to the mark!

Did you know that there are certain foods that we ingest, which can decrease our energy levels, making us feel tired all the time?

Have a look at some of the common foods that can reduce our energy levels, even when consumed once in a while.


1. Breakfast Cereal

Yes, many of us tend to think breakfast cereal is a very healthy option, but research has claimed that the artificially sweetened variety can lower your metabolism and make you feel tired!


2. White Bread

While bread is known to have a high glycaemic index which utilises a lot of energy from the body while it is being digested, thereby making you feel tired quickly.


3. Coffee

Although many of us feel that coffee can instantly energise us, what we do not realise is that it can make us over-active and restless, thereby using up a lot of our energy!


4. Low-Calorie Meals

Many people who are on a diet tend to eat very little and consume just fruits or vegetables which are low in calories. When your body does not receive the required amount of calories, it obviously loses energy.


5. Packaged Yoghurt

The commercially available yoghurts are sometimes over-pasturised, which leads to the loss of all the nutrients and enzymes present in them. So, a packaged yoghurt can be quite harmful for your health and also decrease your energy level!


6. Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are considered healthy; however, they contain a high level of sugar and fructose that can affect your energy levels negatively.


7. Energy Drinks

Ironically, energy drinks can make you feel fatigued because after their energising effects wear off, your blood sugar level can drop below the normal range!

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