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Reasons Why You Must Stop Eating Beef

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Excessive consumption of red meat can cause certain health effects. Beef is not an exemption. Though it can provide many nutrients, health experts recommend minimising the consumption of beef or is possible, staying away from it altogether.

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Well, several studies have proved the harmful effects of eating beef regularly. But of course, we all are different and the results of all studies may not apply for all of us in an equal way.

But still, it is better to know about the facts so that you can take your own decision after consulting your family doctor who knows your body better.

Firstly, when you have healthy food choices does it make any sense to eat artery-clogging meat? When you plan your diet with low calorie foods, why eat fattening meat on the other side? Beef pushes your waistline further and invites a host of health issues like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, heart issues and osteoporosis.

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Also, any animal product comes with a set of minus points. It comes with hormones, antibiotics, bacteria and toxins too. Read on to know why eating beef could be bad for health.


It Hardens Your Blood Vessels

This applies to all red meats. A study claims that Carnitine, which is a compound that is present in red meat may clog arteries.


May Cause Infections

E.coli is a microorganism that may cause kidney failure, cramps in the stomach or even dehydration. When your beef comes from different sources, the risk of E.coli increases.



The hormones present in red meat may increase the risk of suffering breast cancer in women.



As beef sellers want more profits, they started using certain drugs on cattle to make them grow faster and bulkier. This makes the meat cause certain side effects in humans including bacterial infections.


Affects Immunity

A study suggests that eating beef could harm your immunity and may cause inflammation. This is because your immunity may react to certain substances present in red meat.


May Cause Cancer

Health experts say that processed meat may also increase the risk of cancer. Certain additives and flavours are added to processed beef and this makes it more dangerous.


May Cause Diabetes

Too much of beef consumption may also lead to type 2 diabetes according to a study. The risk factor increases by 45%.



A study claims that red meat consumption in excess may cause accumulation of iron and this might indirectly lead to the risk of suffering Alzheimer's disease.


Cardiovascular Issues

Studies claim that there is a possible link between eating too much of beef and cardiovascular diseases. The reason could be the bacteria in the gut breaking down certain substances in beef and releasing certain harmful compounds.



It goes without saying that too much of meat on your plate can easily obesity. It is tough to burn all the calories and fat when you are on a beef diet.

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Story first published: Friday, January 22, 2016, 13:14 [IST]
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