How Fatty Foods Can Help You To Lose Weight

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We all live in the wrong conception that fatty food substances make us fat. However, if you think the same in the 21st century too then you must read the article to find out how fats help you in losing weight.

People have been guided in a wrong sense that fatty foods are bad and will make you gain weight. However, fats are needed by our body to make some hormones and 30 percent of our body is made of fats. Fats are the building blocks of our body.

Now, the question that comes here is how do fats help us to lose weight? Eating fats will increase your metabolism, this means that you will burn your calories faster and whatever you eat will not be stored in your body as fat.

Let us make it simple, fats enable our body to utilise all the food that could be stored in the form of fats, and thus help us to utilise energy from these foods.

Now, it depends on what kind of fats you are having. If you are eating fats present in junk foods then they won't help you in losing weight, but will make you more fat, as the fats present in processed foods are trans fats. Hence, you must know what kind of fats will help you to lose wight.

In this article, we have mentioned the type of fats that you must eat to lose weight. Fats will also prevent you from getting diabetes, heart diseases and joint pain. You will lose weight by eating fats, as your body will get the feeling of satisfaction.

Also, when you eat less fat, your craving for sugar and carbs tend to increase. This is how you become fat by avoiding fatty foods.

Read on the article to know how fats help you to lose weight and fight many diseases.


Coconut Oil Makes You Thin

A research has shown that there is no harm in eating saturated fats, as it was earlier said that saturated fats can make you gain more weight and is related to heart diseases. This can be only true for those saturated fats that you eat in a fast food restaurant. However, the saturated fats present in coconut oil makes you thin and healthy.


Eat Butter In The Morning

Do you know that if you eat butter for breakfast you will become thin? This is because butter will give you a feeling of satisfaction and you will get a feeling of fullness during the day. Moreover, the butter which you had in the morning is not stored as fat but gets metabolised for energy and gets utilised from that, as in the morning, the rate of metabolism is high.


Eat The Right Fats For Weight Loss

If you eat the right fats then you will become lean and healthy. Eat lots of food containing good fats such as olive oil, avocado, nuts, fatty fish, cod liver oil, etc. These fats will make you burn calories faster, decrease cholesterol, prevent heart diseases and diabetes.


Fat-free Foods Make You Fat

Never purchase anything labeled as fat-free, such as fat-free butter, as it contains more of sugar. The excess sugar in the body gets converted into fats, and the sugar added in fat-free foods directly makes you put on weight.


Have Fat From Nuts

If you eat a handful of nuts daily such as cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc, you will lose weight. The fats present in them are called good fats. These fats will increase your metabolism and remove bad fats from your body.


It Is Not Fat But Sugar That Makes You Fat

Do you know that sugar contributes to weight gain more than fats that are labeled as bad? Hence, avoid all kinds of sugar and instead of it, allow a little of fat in your diet. This will serve the purpose of killing your unhealthy sugar cravings.


Use Mustard Oil

Avoid refined vegetable oils. No matter refined vegetable oils claim to be cholesterol and fat free, they do harm your health and simply make you fat. All refined vegetable oils cause internal body inflammation and contribute to weight gain. This does not end here, the trans fats present in them cause joint pain and other health-related complications. Hence, instead of refined oils use mustard oil.

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