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Healthy Kannadiga Foods To Make Your Ugadi Special This 2016


This Ugadi 2016, it is nice to consume those foods which are healthy for your tummy.

This festival is all about eating sumptuous and sweet treats, therefore it is necessary to keep a watch out on those foods which are high in calories.

Instead of adding sugar to the meals you prepare, add jagerry which is much more healthier for the body. For milk related items, add skim milk which contains less amount of fat and if you want to indulge in fried items like bondas and bajjis, make sure that your quantity is not too much as fried items consumed in summer will only give you digestive problems.

So, this Ugadi 2016, it is time to make a wise and healthy decision where your food is concerned. Here are some of the healthiest Kannadiga Foods To Make Your Ugadi Special This 2016, we think you should cast your eyes on these amazing foods to treat your taste buds too:



Turmeric, coconut and Jaggery are the three main ingredients which are added to this dish. All of these three ingredients are beneficial to health, especially turmeric which aids in keeping all types of sickness at bay.


Obattu Saaru

This is one of the tastiest dishes you can enjoy for Ugadi. Made with a lot of spices, this dish has a touch of sweet and sour.


Lemon Rice & Puliyogre

Lemon rice's main ingredient is lemon juice. Therefore this dish when consumed on Ugadi, will not only help to fulfill your celebration, but will also add to keeping your immunity high and your calories low.


Kaalu Huli

Another dish you should add to your plate this Ugadi is this delicious Kaalu Huli. The dish which contains black peas, potato, brinjal, onions and tomatoes. These vegetables are fat burners which aids in weight loss. On the other hand, the paste contains chana dal, tamarind, urad dal and jagerry which again are healthy ingredients.


Hurali Kaayi Palya

The reason why you should include this dish to your Ugadi special is only because it contains beans. The green vegetable is healthy since it has properties of minerals and fiber without the saturated fat found in some animal proteins. Beans help to keep cholesterol levels down and also aid in looking after the heart keeping diseases at bay.



This raw salad is healthy as it contains split beans and seasoned with fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds.It is a high in protein treat for Ugadi and is one of the best snacks for the evening.



Though this is not a healthy treat for you, since it is fried, you can reduce a little bit of the calorie content by adding rava instead of dal. Add a little more of spice and green chillies to enhance the taste and burn the fat too.


Bonda & Bajji

Bonda and Bajjis are Ugadi's must treats. Though these two specialites are fried, the banana which is the filling, provides your body with some amount of pottassium and protein.



Add a ton of healthy vegetables to your sambhar. You can add fat burner vegetables like onions in excess, so that it aids in cutting down the fat in the body. Indulging in sambar this festival season will also help in building your immunity level.



Spicy papad also known as masala papad is a rich snack. You can make it healthier by adding chopped onions, carrots and tomatoes as garnish.

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Story first published: Friday, April 8, 2016, 6:30 [IST]
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