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It Is Time To Add These 2016 Superfoods To Your Diet


Superfoods like garlic, spices, green tea and kale were a major hit in the year 2015. This New Year 2016, experts have clamied that there are a few more superfoods which when added to your diet will make you fit and much more healthier.

New Year is all about starting afresh; and with the introduction of these 2016 superfoods, health experts are promising a radical decrease in diseases and other ailments that have affected a large scale of population over the year.

Superfoods like kale and spinach were ideally the best right through the last five years, the reason being these two superfoods contain a very high source of vitamin K and, most importantly, iron and calcium, which are two elements missing in our everyday diet.

This 2016, it is vitally important for you to also add kale and spinach to your balanced meal, along with these new superfoods mentioned on the list. Did you now that foods like lemon grass, cocoa and citrus peels have a varied line of health benefits too?

Consuming these 2016 superfoods once in a week can make a gigantic difference in terms of your health. Experts state that even if you're sick, it is suggested that you add these exotic foods to your plate. Take a look at some of the very best 2016 superfoods to add to your diet:



Kelp is found at the bottom of the ocean and is a form of a seaweed. Kelp can be consumed on a weekly basis, as it is high in calcium and iron that will enable your bones and teeth to remain strong. Thus, add kelp to a greek salad and enjoy your meal.


Bone Soup

Bone soup is one of the healthiest foods you can consume if you're suffering from blood disorders and joint pains. One cup of bone broth include high levels of protein, magnesium, potassium and calcium that help keep the immunity up and protect your hair as well.


Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are a must add to this year 2016 superfood list. Fermented foods like kefir is the best to consume, which aids in all types of digestive problems. Kefir binds and protects the stomach lining from all kinds of harm.


Maple Water

Maple water is another 2016 superfood to add to your diet. Maple water provides an excellent source of antioxidants that help regulate the body's temperature and blood pressure levels in the body.



Did you know that flaxseeds should be consumed thrice in a week, if you want to keep yourself fit and away from all kinds of heart diseases? It is considered as a best food thanks to the omega fatty acids and lignans.



Hemp is necessary for you to consume, as it has properties like omega-3 fatty acids and fibre that help protect the cell walls against toxins, thus keeping you healthier and away from harmful diseases.



The sweet-smelling lemongrass should be added to your cup of daily chai. Lemongrass has its fine share of health benefits and one of them being reducing high cholesterol in the body, along with regulating blood pressure.



Cocoa is one of the best 2016 superfoods that you should add to your diet. Cocoa is healthy, as it is good for the heart and it improves the quality of blood circulation in the body, thus preventing strokes and heart attacks.


Citrus Peels

Citrus peels should be a must-add 2016 superfood to your diet. Citrus peels are not only loaded with vitamin C but also contain calcium that helps in a way to look after the skin texture, keeping signs of ageing at bay.


Green Tea

Green tea has been on the superfood list for the longest time. Green tea has its own health benefits that is good for the body in more than a hundred ways. Therefore, never make the mistake of avoiding a hot cup of green tea twice in a day to keep diseases away.

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