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Health Benefits Of Anjeer

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Anjeer is a seasonal fruit which is eaten mostly in India and some parts of Asia. Anjeer is known as fig in English. Dried figs are used in milkshakes and lassi.

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Anjeer contains many nutrients and anti-oxidants. Excessive consumption may cause diarrhea and tooth decay. But when consumed in moderation anjeer offers many health benefits.

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Figs contain chlorine, potassium, sodium, manganese, phosphorous, iron, calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin B1 and vitamin A. Now, let us discuss about the beneficial side of figs.



Anjeer contains fibre and is good for digestion. Also, it acts like a laxative and keeps constipation at bay. It can also prevent irritable bowel syndrome.


High Blood Pressure

Anjeer plays an important role in maintaining healthy levels of potassium and sodium levels in the body and thereby prevents the risk of high blood pressure.


Prevents Cancer

Some studies claim that anjeer contains compounds that can flush out toxins in the body that may cause cancer.


Prevents Anemia

Anjeer supplies iron and thereby boosts hemoglobin levels in your body. This way, it is said to prevent anemia.


Weight Loss

Adding anjeer to your diet could help you feel full faster and this will prevent overeating.



Anjeer is also good for your heart. Also, the pectin present in it helps flush out toxins from your body. It also maintains healthy cholesterol levels.



Many sources claim that anjeer can also boost libido and fertility may be because it contains magnesium, zinc and manganese.



It contains some amount of calcium which can help strengthen your bones.

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