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Common Foods That Help You Have Amazing Orgasms!

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Do you feel like your orgasms are not very intense, lately? Do you not enjoy sex as much as you used to due to the lack of good orgasms? If yes, then you must try these foods that give you better orgasms!

Sex without good orgasms can be extremely boring, not to mention, frustrating! It can just leave you feeling dissatisfied.

Without satisfying orgasms, you might not feel like indulging in sex at all, which can potentially damage your relationship with your partner.

So, it is extremely important to ensure that both you and your partner are attaining orgasms that can satisfy the both of you completely!

Apart from creating a romantic environment and indulging in a lot of foreplay, you can also consume certain natural ingredients and foods that can help you attain amazing orgasms.

Natural ways to increase your sexual pleasure using common kitchen ingredients could prove to be very effective.

Having great orgasms is a sign of good physical and mental health, so nutrients are very important to facilitate orgasms.

Have a look at this list of natural foods for better orgasms and spice-up your sex life!


1. Orange

Foods for better orgasms must include oranges, as oranges are rich in vitamin C and can boost the blood flow to your sexual organs to improve orgasms.


2. Olive Oil

Olive oil boosts the production of certain sex hormones in both men and women, proving to be one of the natural ways to increase sexual pleasure.


3. Egg

Natural ingredients for better orgasms include eggs, as the vitamin B6 and protein components in eggs can increase the testosterone levels in the body, aiding in better orgasms.


4. Red Meat

Read meat is yet another food for better orgasms, as it can improve the blood flow to the sexual organs, thus making way for pleasurable orgasms.


5. Brown Rice

Brown rice too can help in the production of more red blood cells, increasing the blood flow to your private parts, thus helping with better orgasms.


6. Nuts

Foods for better orgasms also include nuts, as the omega-3 fatty acids in nuts can increase body heat, thus helping you attain better orgasms naturally.


7. Dark Chocolate

Natural ingredients for better orgasms include dark chocolate, as the antioxidant content in dark chocolates can help relax your nerves, thus aiding in better and pleasurable orgasms.

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Story first published: Monday, August 29, 2016, 15:08 [IST]
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