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Facts About Upper Respiratory Infection

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Upper respiratory infection or URI is a disease also known as the common cold. It can be most often due to a bacteria or viral invasion of the body that enters the respiratory system. It typically attacks the mucosal lining in the upper respiratory airway.

It is spread through contact from secretions of an infected individual, or by the water droplets that are generated when an individual coughs or sneezes into his surroundings. For this reason, covering the mouth when coughing and shielding the face when sneezing is vital to prevent the spread of upper respiratory infections to others.

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how to diagnose upper respiratory infection

Once a pathogen enters the body, it must overcome specific obstacles before causing the disease. Cilia cells in the lower part of the respiratory tract trap the foreign invaders to lessen your likelihood of getting a cold or a flu.

how to diagnose upper respiratory infection

Cilia cells catch and bring infections to the pharynx, where they could be taken care of or they are taken to the belly where they could be destroyed by digestive juices in the stomach.

The adenoids and tonsils help the defense system to fight against disease-causing pathogens because of their immune cells that react to foreign invaders. The nasopharyngeal passage also helps to defend against germs.

how to diagnose upper respiratory infection

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The symptoms observed during upper respiratory infection are a heavy head, nasal obstruction, chest congestion and sometimes fever. The nasal passage and the bronchial airways are blocked with mucous. This makes breathing very difficult. Your eyes also start watering. It also makes you weak and lethargic and unable to carry out daily chores.

how to diagnose upper respiratory infection

Most colds and influenza are due to viruses, against which antibiotics have no power. When you suffer from upper respiratory tract infection, you will find over the counter medicines for cough, runny nose, nasal obstruction and fever that will help to minimize the signs and assist you to feel better. Inhale steam and drink hot water and soups to get immediate relief.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 11, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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