Stop Believing These Nutrition Myths!

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Most of us have some beliefs about food and weight loss. Well, certain studies have proved that most of them are myths. In fact today's generation is so obsessed about what to eat and how to maintain ideal weight.

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People who lived on this planet a few centuries ago, never bothered so much about nutrition as they were lucky enough to get some healthy natural foods and on the other hand, they had enough work to keep themselves active.

Today, we neither have healthy food available nor do we have enough physical activity to keep us healthy. Therefore, we seem to be more obsessed with what to eat, when to eat and how to exercise.

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Here are some nutrition myths which aren't true.


Eliminating Salt From Your Diet Prevents Blood Pressure

Well, totally eliminating salt isn't good. Of course, reduced intake may lower blood pressure up to an extent but eliminating salt altogether isn't healthy.


Raw Food Is Good, Cooked Food Is Bad

Well, though raw foods are nutritious, cooking foods aren't bad. Cooking inactivates certain plant enzymes but humans can survive well even with cooked food.


Egg Yolks Are Bad As They Contain Cholesterol

Though egg yolks contain cholesterol, they are not so harmful for your health. But eating in moderation is important for other reasons.


Eating 6 Small Meals A Day Helps In Weight Loss

Though it isn't bad to eat 6 small meals in a day, what is more important is the overall number of calories you eat per day whether in small meals or big meals.


Whole Grains Are Healthy

Though whole grains are healthy, the grains we are eating in today's times are less nutritious compared to the previous generation. Many changes in agricultural practices and genetic modification practices have resulted in grains that aren't so healthy.


All Low Fat Foods Are Healthy

This is far from truth as processed low fat foods do more harm than good. They contain additives, chemicals and preservatives.


Coffee Is Unhealthy

Though excessive consumption is unhealthy, coffee contains antioxidants and can prevent certain issues like depression, diabetes and Alzheimer's.


Eating A Big Meal In The Night Makes You Fat

The overall calories you consume per day matter more than how much you eat at night.


Weight Loss Is About Reducing Your Calorie Consumption

Weight loss depends upon a lot of other factors like genetics, lifestyle, activity levels and also food intake.

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