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Benefits Of Eating Potato Peels

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Most of us need to eat more of vegetables on a daily basis. And when it comes to potatoes, most of us use them in various dishes but we remove the peels and throw them away. Are we missing anything?

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Many studies have proved that even the skins of potatoes are healthy as they too contain some nutritious value. So, instead of removing and throwing those skins, try to include them in your diet in some or the other way.

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If you are wondering about the health benefits of eating potatoes peels, take a look.


Benefit #1

You'll get some potassium which is an important mineral that helps your body in certain chemical processes. Potassium is also good for your nervous system. Each serving of these peels comes with around 600 grams of potassium.


Benefit #2

These peels also have niacin in them. You may need at least 16 mg of niacin on a daily basis. so, enjoy these peels.


Benefit #3

Eating the peel along with the potato offers slightly a bit more of protein, minerals, vitamins and carbs.


Benefit #4

These peels also contain iron which is a very essential mineral for your blood cells. Even eating 3-5 peels a day contributes around 4 milligrams of iron.


Benefit #5

Eating the skin along with the potato enhances your digestion as it contains fibre.


Benefit #6

The peels contribute more fibre and help slow down the glucose absorption caused by eating the potato. This will help you prevent the blood sugar spike caused by the potato.


Benefit #7

Even while juicing a potato, if you leave it unpeeled, it offers more nutrients and fibre that boost your health. Also, find interesting recipes to make potato peels tastier.

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