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Is Dried Coconut Nutritious?

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Most of us eat dry fruits but seldom prefer dry coconut. But in some parts of India, dry coconut is shredded and is used in many dishes as well as sweets.

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Yes, even dried coconut has nutritional value and it can be a part of your healthy diet. It is tasty and adds a specific taste and flavour to the dishes it is added.

As the shelf period of dried coconut is longer, it enjoys more popularity in kitchens compared to fresh coconut which doesn't last longer than a day.

In order to use dried coconut, you may need to flake it, grate it or shred it. The process of drying a coconut just removes the water content in it without destroying its nutrients.

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Though it is healthy, use it limitedly in your dishes as it contains saturated fat. Now, let us discuss about its benefits.


Benefit #1

Coconut offers several minerals that are good for your bones, tendons, ligaments and skin. It can prevent osteoporosis by strengthening your connective tissues.


Benefit #2

It can also reduce bad cholesterol levels and boost the levels of good cholesterol. Include it in your recipes.


Benefit #3

It supplies iron and thereby prevents disorders like anemia which occur due to iron deficiency.


Benefit #4

Some nutrients present in coconut play a role in the creation of neurotransmitters. Therefore, coconut is good for brain activity.


Benefit #5

It is a good source of healthy fat. Your body needs some fat too. But ensure that you don't overeat dried coconut as that isn't so healthy for your weight.


Benefit #6

It is good for arteries. and is good for your heart. But consuming it in moderation is important.


Benefit #7

It contains fibre in it. This makes you feel full after you eat a dish in which dried coconut is added.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 8:15 [IST]
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