Are Black Cumin Seeds Healthy?

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Black cumin seeds are also known as Nigella sativa. They offer many health benefits. We all know that these seeds are good for skin and hair. So, let us look at what they have to offer for health.

What do these seeds contain? Well, they are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fat, omega 3 fatty acids and they also contain antihistamine properties.

These seeds are good for the immune system and also they can prevent asthma, bronchitis and cough. There are more health benefits, read on to know about them.


Benefit #1

Some studies claim that even consuming a few grams of these seeds can reduce your blood sugar levels and enhance the functioning of your pancreas.


Benefit #2

Some studies claim that these seeds can also slow down the growth of colon cancer cells.


Benefit #3

These seeds contain anti-convulsive properties and therefore, they can prevent the occurrence of seizures.


Benefit #4

A recent study claims that black cumin seeds have the capacity to kill breast cancer cells and reduce the growth of tumour.


Benefit #5

Certain compounds present in black cumin seeds are said to cause apoptosis in the cells of leukemia.


Benefit #6

The extract of black cumin seeds is said to protect the heart and prevent it from cardiovascular risks.


Benefit #7

In fact, certain studies claim that black cumin seeds have the capacity to prevent many other types of cancers. They are said to prevent the growth of tumours in the brain.


Benefit #8

The oil of these seeds can also be used to find relief from joint pain. People will arthritis can also use the oil if your doctor permits.


Benefit #9

Black cumin seed oil is also used as a remedy to cure headaches. Massaging the scalp with this oil can help.


Benefit #10

Soak a teaspoon of these seeds in water and add a few drops of honey to that water. Drain the water and drink it to cure breathing issues.


Benefit #11

These seeds can also enhance immunity as per many studies. However, consult your doctor about the same to know how to use these seeds for your advantage.

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