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Types Of Fish That Are Unhealthy To Eat


Fish is considered to be one of the most healthiest foods to consume. It is a lean meat that is high in proteins and omega fatty acids. Most of us firmly believe that consuming fishes is healthy, as it has less amount of calories, that promises us no weight gain.

With all its superior qualities, there are certain types of fishes you should not consume at any cost.

It is said that our oceans have become so depleted of wild fish stocks, and so polluted with industrial contaminants, that trying to figure out the fish that are both safe and sustainable can be a difficult task to accomplish.

The unsafe radionuclides, like iodine-131, caesium 137, and different isotopes, are being discharged in the ocean and air, making sea life impossible for these certain types of fishes.

When these fishes swallow these harmful components, they begin to turn toxic. These very same fishes are then caught by fishermen and sold in the market for a good price. We are usually under an impression that these fishes are healthy and make a meal out of these "so called" healthy types of fishes, which are actually very unhealthy to consume.

Boldsky has provided a list of few fishes that you should not eat at any cost, take a look at these dangerous and deadly 7 types of fishes:



Though it is considered as a healthier fish because of its high mineral magnesium, mackeral is a terrible fish to eat due to its high amount of mercury.



Caviar is a famous fish, which is commonly eaten in the west. Caviar is a dangerous fish to consume because it is usually found in contaminated water containing toxins that are harmful to the body after consumption.



The yellow or silver eel is extremely dangerous to eat. It is mainly found in sushi dishes. It is toxic for us to consume it, since it is highly contaminated with PCBs and mercury.



Swordfish is dangerous to consume, since it has the highest amount of mercury present in its body. One swordfish contains around 976 ppm (parts per million) of mercury. The presence of this high level of mercury can damage the cells in the brain.



Blue fin and huge eye tuna are two types of fishes that you should not consume at any cost. These two tuna fishes are the second highest after swordfish that contain mercury.



There are some types of salmon fishes that have a persistent presence of organic pollutants. Consumption of these pollutants can cause an onset of diabetes. Regular consumption can also add to weight gain, which becomes a dangerous food for those who want to lose those extra pounds.



Who ever thought that shark is also one type of fish that you should not consume! Not only does it contain a good amount of mercury, shark is also a poisonous fish, since it lives on other fishes in order to survive, which in turn is extremely harmful for us when consumed.

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