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10 Worst Breakfast Foods To Start Your Day


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and you should not miss it. Beginning your day with healthy foods is a great choice to make. But, there are some who choose worst foods that only cause harm to one's health.

Today, Boldsky helps you in making the right choice. There are 10 worst breakfast foods you should always opt for at the start your day. Keeping away from unhealthy foods will only make you live longer, keep your heart healthy, provide nutrition for your body and promote good health.

The worst breakfast foods you should avoid to start your day is listed below. If you have been following any of these foods, it is time you switch to healthy eating. Take a look at these worst breakfast foods to start your day with.

10 Worst breakfast foods to start your day:



These two meat processed foods are a complete no to your diet, especially as breakfast. They contain a lot of sodium which makes your tummy bloat. Instead of these harmful processed meats, go in for protein based foods like fish and skin less chicken.



Every cereal available in the market is packed with sugar and processed fats. These ingredients will give you a tremendous high after consumption, but will later drop your energy level to zero. Therefore, this is one of the worst breakfast foods to start your day with.



Pancakes which is loaded with syrup is a bad idea for you to begin your day with. They are loaded with high fructose corn syrup that can lead to abdominal obesity and visceral fat. This is a dangerous fat which is stored between the organs, mainly the heart.



The worst breakfast food to start your day with is muffins. White flour and sugar are the main ingredients for muffins and they are not beneficial for health.


Dough nuts

If you are hungry drink water instead of that nice looking dough nut. Water will at least fill your tummy and flush out toxins, whereas that yummy dough nut will add to the calories and make you feel lazy during the day.


Fruit Yogurts

Did you ever think for once yogurt is healthy as a breakfast option. Plain yogurt is good for your health, but not the fruit version that is doused with artificial sweetners.


Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is the other worst breakfast food to start your day with. The reason - fruit juice which is consumed off the counter or from the super market contains a lot of sugar and colour. Both of which causes your teeth to decay fast.


That Big Cup Of Coffee

Coffee is the next worst unhealthy food you can fill your tummy with for breakfast. There are a lot of people who drink coffee on an empty stomach. Following this you will only get addicted to the beverage along with filling your tummy with gas.


Anything To Do With Chocolate

Dark chocolate is good for the heart and an energy boost too. But, consuming a 'milk' chocolate based food everyday will only make you feel drowsy. Too much of chocolate in the morning will also make you feel nauseous.


Some Egg Recipes

Eggs are a great source of protein and an ideal breakfast food. But they become the worst breakfast food when you add eggs to cheese and bacon. This is when you are loading your body with fat and no proteins.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 6:10 [IST]
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