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Healthy Ways To Eat Apples For Weight Loss

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Apple is one of the healthiest fruits around. The best part about it is that it is not season specific. We can eat apples in almost every season these days. Healthy ways to eat apples can make you lose weight easily. Apples have many health benefits. They have rich reserves of iron and calcium. That is why; you should try different ways to eat apples so that you can stay fit.


If you eat apples to lose weight, then you are being smart. Apples are sweet, so you can easily satisfy your sweet tooth cravings by having apples. And the bargain is that if you apply healthy ways to eat apples, you don't have to put on weight while having the sweet taste of this fruit. Having apples raw is the best way to get all the nutrients from it.

You can try different ways to eat apples so that you don't get bored. Although raw is the best way, there is no harm in having stewed, pasted or carmelised apples once in a while. Just as long as you do not consume too many calories, you can always eat apples for weight loss.

Try these healthy ways to eat apples so that you get its health benefits and also never get bored of having apples.


Apple With Cereal

Having chopped pieces of apple with cereal in your cereal bowl gives you a burst of iron with dietary fibres and healthy carbs.


Apple With Oats

You can garnish your oats with chopped or grated apples to get a crunchy and sweet taste. Oats are heart healthy and the apples will give you lots of fibre as well to make your bowel movements regular.


Stewed Apple Sauce

Stewing apples takes lot of its nutrients away. But if you make a paste of apples with the water in which you boil it, it can be a nice salsa for topping up your desserts.


Apple Pancakes

Apple pancakes are very healthy because they do not use too much sugar. Apple has a naturally sweetening effect on the pancakes.


Baked Apple Pie

Baked apple pie is very healthy as opposed to popular conventions. You can bake apples with meat and still have the most of its nutrients intact. Just refrain from using too much of cheese or white flour in it.


Apple Greens Salad

You can use fresh green apples to add a touch of sweetness to your green salads. Apples taste great with healthy green veggies. And you will have an iron rich meal for yourself.


Carmelised Apple With Chicken Steak

Apples can be carmelised instead of onions to give your chicken steak a different twang. Have carmelised apples with chicken and vinegar steak. You can use mashed apples instead of potatoes to check the calorie count.


Apple Cider Punch

Soak pieces of apple in apple cider vinegar and then add soda to it. Garnish the drink with a spring of mint to prepare your own apple punch.


Apple Cheese Flat Bread With Herbs

Grate apples on a flat pita bread along with cheese and drizzle olive oil on it. You can have these with jalapeños and olives.


Apple Hoeat apples to lose weightney Tart

Apple tart is one of the most famous dessert dishes using apples. But when you skip sugar and add honey on it, you will be able to get a healthy apple tart for dessert.

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