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Foods To Avoid For Insulin Resistance

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Insulin resistance is a metabolic syndrome where whatever carbohydrates you eat turns into into sugar (grains, sugar, flour, fruits, potatoes, pumpkin etc). This increases the insulin levels and instead of turning into energy, insulin resistance leads to inflammation and increase in blood sugar levels.

When the insulin doesn't get into the blood cells, it leads to a resistance as insulin is not effective in the body. This can be really dangerous for the health. If the insulin doesn't enter the cells, it becomes inflammatory and lead to diabetes, blood sugar problems and chronic fatigue to name a few. There are few supplements that can reverse insulin resistance. To avoid such health problems, you should avoid foods that easily turn into glucose.

If the insulin is less effective, it can lead to severe heart and health problems. To avoid diabetes, heart strokes and other conditions, avoid this list of foods. A proper diet can balance the insulin levels in the body and avoid insulin resistance. Take a look

Foods to avoid for insulin resistance:


Red meat

Red meat contains saturated fats that can lead to heart diseases and also increase the chances of insulin resistance. Avoid red meat and include foods like lean meat or healthy fish to avoid insulin resistance.



High fat cheese can be really harmful for the health. They are rich in saturated fats and can lead to insulin resistance. Avoid adding cheese in your diet.


Fried food

Fast or fried foods are rich in trans fats. People with insulin resistance must avoid trans fats that are found in fried foods, fast food, frozen and canned foods.



Grains are rich in starch and starch can be really bad for the people with insulin resistance. Refined or processed carbohydrates can lead to a chronic elevation of insulin levels.



This is a starchy vegetable that turns into sugar. This is one of the causes of insulin resistance. People with diabetes must avoid potatoes as it raises blood sugar levels.



Pumpkin has carbohydrates that turn into sugar. This can lead to insulin resistance so, avoid this food in your diet.



Carrots and corns are also rich in carbohydrates so avoid it in your diet as it can lead to insulin resistance.



White bread and flour are rich in sugar. Avoid flour made items like white bread, doughnuts and other desserts as it can lead to insulin resistance.



Green beans are starchy vegetables than can increase sugar levels in the body. It doesn't turn easily into energy so avoid it in your diet.



Alcoholic beverages turn straight into sugar and our body burns it down first. Drinking alcohol can lead to inflammation and insulin resistance so avoid it!

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Story first published: Saturday, March 2, 2013, 13:37 [IST]
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