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Nutritious Diet For Working Women

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Nutritious diet of working women
Working women are more prone to health issues due to lack of nutrition and healthy food supplement. They don't get much food supply and due to lack of time for themselves they have unhealthy food at wrong timings. So, here is a nutritious diet for working women to stay healthy, fit and energetic the whole day!

A proper nutrition supplement will keep the ailments like constipation, indigestion, allergies, headaches, menstrual problems etc away and help get a glowing skin and healthy hair and body.

Nutritious diet chart for working women:

1. Breakfast: Start with fresh fruits as the digestion, absorption and conversion is rapid. This helps in supplying glucose to the brain cells which will keep you active. Fruits like water melon, avocado, raspberries, cantaloupe to name a few are nutritious fruits. You can also have fruit salad. Avoid having heavy breakfast as the digestion absorbs all the energy from the body thus making you drowsy and weak. Slim milk is a good option to start a day.

2. Snacks: Having nuts or dry fruits as snacks with tea is light. Even a vegetable sandwich with fruit juice or coconut water is healthy. Have ample of water in the day to stay hydrated.

3. Lunch: Include cereals, pulses, whole grains and exclude rice items. Green leafy vegetables either cooked, steamed or raw should be added in nutritious diet chart for lunch of working women. Vegetables which are juicy and contains high amount of water, iron, vitamins and proteins are healthy. Broccoli, carrots, lettuce, cauliflower, green peas, spinach, parsley, red leaf lettuce are few nutritious vegetables.

4. Evening snacks: An ideal nutritious diet chart for working women should have healthy snacks and not junk, oily or fast food. Have vegetable soup, brown bread sandwich with low fat cheese or butter. Have low fat dairy products to avoid gaining unwanted pounds! You can also have nutritious biscuits with beverages. It is advised to have less caffeine products.

5. Dinner: A dinner meal for high nutritious diet chart should have vegetables, dal, chappati and vegetables salad. If you want you can add a vegetable soup in the menu. Have dinner 3-4 hours before going to sleep and have food according to the hunger levels and not taste bud!

Working women should follow this nutritious diet chart to get proper nutrition supplement and help cope with the work pressure whilst staying active and healthy!

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 13:09 [IST]
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