How To Reduce The Risk Of Lung Cancer

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Did you think that only smokers are at a risk of suffering lung cancer? Well, whether you smoke or not, you might be breathing in toxic fumes if you are living in a polluted city.

And yes, smoking habit raises the risk at an alarming rate! And smokers raise the risk of passive smokers too!

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Like any other cancer, even lung cancer can kill. And prevention is always far safer than cure. So, if you wish to know about lung cancer risk and how to prevent it, here are some points that might help you.


Fact #1

One habit that can raise the risk of lung cancer by 250% is smoking. Yes, if you smoke, you are more at a risk compared to non smokers.


Fact #2

Another risk factor is exposure to pollution. If you are living in an area where the smoke in the air is too high, your risk of lung cancer could increase.

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Fact #3

One more factor is family history. If your ancestors suffered lung cancer, you may have higher chances of suffering the same. Even eating fried foods could raise the risk.


Fact #4

What can reduce the risk? Well, the first in the list is regular exercise. It can diminish the risk by 15%.

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Fact #5

Consuming green tea can also diminish the risk by around 17-18%. So, add exercise and green tea to your list.

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Fact #6

Raw garlic is among the best players as it is the best preventive measure against lung cancer. Those who have the habit of eating a raw garlic even 3 times a week may diminish the risk of lung cancer by nearly 42%!


Fact #7

Even if you are a smoker, eating raw garlic can minimise the risk by at least 29%. More than green tea and exercise, garlic should be in your list.


Fact #8

Allicin and sulfur in garlic are given the credit. How to eat garlic? Well, crush a raw garlic and let it be there for two minutes. Eat it. The crushed garlic needs to be exposed to air for a minute or two to work more effectively.

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Fact #9

If studies are to be believed, allicin (a compound in garlic) can fight cancer cells in colon and liver.

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