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    15 Foods That Help In Fighting Water Retention

    Water retention would occur when there are excess fluids inside your body. This medical condition is actually the swelling caused due to the accumulation of extreme fluids in body tissues, especially water that can be found in your blood, muscles and even your organs.

    Also known as oedema, water retention is caused by large amounts of fluids holding up in spaces between the body's cells or in the circulatory system.

    The potential off-shoot of this condition is puffiness and swelling. Water retention can even occur in cavities. The symptoms of water retention include swelling in body parts such as ankles, feet and hands.

    It is also a common condition in women during pregnancy. People who travel long distances or sit through long flights can be affected by this medical condition.

    foods to fight water retention

    Immobility does trigger water retention. This can happen even before your monthly period.

    During premenstrual cycle women face fluid retention which can cause breast tenderness and abdominal bloating. Hormonal changes are associated with menstrual cycle, which in turn can cause water retention problems.

    On the other hand, most women would bloat 2 weeks before their period begins. Sluggishness and stiffness are some of the symptoms related to water retention.

    The most common cause of fluid retention is lack of fluids in your diet.

    However one old remedy that can cure this medical condition is drinking lots of water. You need to let in water to circumvent it.

    Drinking plenty of fluids can help you to flush out the toxins and excess fluid accumulation.

    Remember that water retention can be life threatening in some instances but not always. And it has to be carefully evaluated by the doctor to rule out any disease that needs immediate medical care.

    To get rid of water retention you must follow a proper diet plan. Here are some of the 15 Foods that can help in fighting water retention.



    Have you wondered how to get rid of water retention? Eating a well balanced diet can certainly help you fight water retention. Having deficient protein in your blood can supposedly lead to water retention. Protein tries to hold salt and water inside your blood vessel, so that the fluid doesn't pour out or leak to your tissues. It is better to include food that can boost your body's protein such as fish and eggs. Especially egg is one such food that does help to tackle water retention.


    Bamboo Shoot

    Bamboo shoot is considered to be a Chinese forest vegetable which has been in use for more than 2000 years. Bamboo shoots are rich in protein, fibre, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins A, E, B and minerals. It helps in lowering fluid retention as well as bloating. Bamboo shoot helps to accelerate the menstrual cycle and it also helps decrease the unbearable pain during menstruation.



    Oedema is definitely about excessive accumulation of fluid in your tissues. Beets are low fat vegetables that can fight water retention. Having a vegetable juice every day can promote liver detoxification as well as kidney filtration. Beets, leeks and green beans are natural diuretics which have the power to reduce the loss of water weight from your body.



    Everyone considers celery as a diet food and due to this negative connotation most people try to avoid it and rarely include it in their diet. It has high water content that can fight water retention. Consuming this food can help push out the excess water from the body.



    Pineapple is the most versatile food that can be eaten either raw or can be incorporated in many recipes. It is a natural diuretic that can reduce fluid build-up. Pineapple is known to be made of 85 percent of water and is one fruit that helps in expelling and draining toxins from your system.



    It is a nutritional powerhouse that has multiple health and beauty benefits. Avocado is known to have high nutritional content and essential properties that can improve quality of life. Water retention and bad circulation happens due to cellulite formation. This nutritious fruit with its high potassium content can help in balancing the body's sodium, which in turn helps reduce water retention.



    The other fruit which also contains more potassium is banana. Considered as a classic fruit that is rich in potassium, vitamins and low in sodium, banana has the potential to shrink the fluid build-up in your body. The moderate intake of this potassium-rich fruit is beneficial in curing water retention. So grab a banana now to do away with fluid retention!


    Kidney Beans

    Kidney beans have insoluble fibre that help in eliminating the excess fluid and swelling from the body. Eating potassium content can maintain cellular fluid balance and help in pumping the water out.



    If there is a potassium deficiency then it can turn out to be the root cause for water retention in the body. Foods like raisins, blackberries, apricot, spinach and raspberries can be an effective remedy to reduce water retention.



    Almonds are a great source of nutrients that can fight against water retention.



    During rainy season try to avoid sour foods like soup, sambar, pickles and chutney as they would enhance water retention during the night. So if you want to lose weight and cure water retention then firstly try to soak 3 tsp of barley in a glass of water overnight. Make sure to strain and drink two glasses next morning to reduce oedema.



    Okra is considered to be a useful tool to lose weight. It is a good idea to add okra to your daily diet to prevent water retention. Okra is one efficient food that enables reabsorbing of water. Eating foods that are high in fibre can relieve water retention as it manages to absorb a lot of water when it passes through the intestines.



    Lymphatic failure can be a primary cause for water retention, so eating buckwheat helps in tackling lymphatic failure. It manages to regulate the fluid retention in your body and helps maintain healthy bowel movements.



    Lentils are taken as the member of the legume family which can effectively absorb water as well as remove excess fat and toxins from your body. It trims down fluid retention and purges excess water without causing much of mineral and electrolyte loss.



    Known to be rich in biotin, potassium and magnesium, carrots are one of the purifying and mineral rich vegetable that helps do away with excess water. Carrots help cleanse the body, maintain healthy kidneys and combat water retention.

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    Story first published: Friday, November 3, 2017, 12:00 [IST]
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