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10 Foods That Help Prevent Obesity Among Night Shift Workers

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Lack of proper sleep, improper food timings and more indulgence in snacks and junk food are a few of the major causes of obesity. And this has been the major problem among those working in night shift.

Several researches and studies have also confirmed that those working in night shifts are more obese than those working in day shift.

So why does this happen? It is because according to the law of nature human beings are structured to work during day time and rest during the night. So when the natural body rhythm gets disturbed while working in night shifts, it leads to increasing stress and results in obesity.

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Improper food timings and indulging in more of fast foods and snacks to keep themselves awake the whole night has been the major factor that leads to obesity.

Adding to it, the most dangerous of all is that more and more people are getting hooked to smoking to deal with increasing stress levels and to help them to work the whole night. But this again promotes obesity.

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Apart from obesity, there are several other health risks that night shift workers are prone to like stress, heart problems and insomnia.

Hence, one of the best ways to prevent obesity among night shift workers is to eat the right food.

Today at Boldsky we have lined up 10 foods that help to prevent obesity among night shift workers. Take a look.


1. Brown rice:

Rich in vitamins, iron, zinc, protein, fibre and magnesium, brown rice helps in losing weight. It is one of the best foods known which helps to lose weight naturally.


2.Fruit bowl:

Instead of snacking on junk foods like chips, pizzas, burger and pastries which are the chief causes of obesity, move to fruits. Apples, bananas, papayas and kiwis are a few of the fruits which help to prevent obesity without exercise.


3.Vegetable Salads:

Vegetable salads comprising of carrots and spinach, which are low in calories help to prevent obesity. So this is one of the best food options to prevent obesity in night shift workers.



Sprouts are the germinated seeds of grains or legumes and are low in calorie and fat. They are rich in vitamins, calcium and fiber and are the best option to reduce the hunger pangs and prevent night shift workers from becoming overweight.


5. Almonds:

Almonds are one of the best snacks which you could just munch instead of chips and chocolates. Rich in important nutrients like vitamins, magnesium and fibre, almonds are one of the best food options to lose weight naturally.


6. Puffed Rice:

Puffed rice is one of the best snack options which has no fat and at the same time is filling for the stomach. This is one food which helps you to lose weight naturally without any exercise.


7. Flaxseeds:

Flaxseeds are rich in fiber and this helps to absorb liquid in the body and keeps one full for a long time. This prevents overeating and helps to lose weight naturally.


8.Oats & Milk:

Instead of having pizzas and burgers which are rich in calories, the best option for those working in the night would be low fat milk along with oats. Rich in calcium, minerals and fiber, these foods would help prevent obesity in night shift workers.



Yogurt, specifically the low fat ones are one of the best options which night shift workers can have. Rich in protein, calcium, potassium, vitamin and riboflavin, low fat yogurt is one of the best foods to lose weight naturally.


10. Drinking Plenty Of Fresh Fruit Juice & Fluids:

Instead of indulging in aerated drinks which cause obesity, replace it with fresh fruit juices and water. It not only keeps you hydrated but it also helps to prevent obesity, especially among night shift workers.

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