Suffering From High Blood Pressure? Try These Reflexology Exercises; It Helps

By: Rima Chowdhury

Reflexology is an alternative method to cure diseases without any intake of drugs or medicines. This method has also proved its effectiveness with a wide number of satisfied patients across the world. Reflexology is also known as Zone therapy and is related to the application of appropriate amount of pressure at some point of the body which results in a relaxing and beneficial effect on organs and the body system.

If you keep rushing to the doctor frequently with one or the other health-related problem, try reflexology the next time. It will surely provide relief from pain as it relates to specific points on our arms, palms, back, neck shoulder or on the head. You can also consult your reflexologist or your family doctor for the proper execution of the process sitting right back at home.

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure should always be maintained at a normal level. High blood pressure or low blood pressure, both the conditions are serious and dangerous for the body and proper precautions should be taken to maintain the balance. Usually, high blood pressure is above 140 when a person can suffer from heart stroke, kidney failure and many other health problems.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, check out some reflexology points in the body.

reflexology for high blood pressure

1. Squeeze your foot:
High blood pressure can be brought under control by practising reflexology every day. You need to squeeze the foot to such an extent that you feel relaxed and comfortable with it. Now press the centre point for 30 sec towards the hollow part of the foot and repeat this 4-5 times. Breathe in when you press the point and breathe out when relaxing. This will help to control the condition of hypertension in a person.

reflexology for high blood pressure

2. Relax your knees:
Place your hand over your knee, and open your hands towards the downward direction. Press the point where your middle finger reaches for about 20 sec and repeat this for 5-10 minutes every day with both the legs. You can also place a magnet over the pressing point so that it increases the blood supply throughout the body.

reflexology for high blood pressure

3. Palm therapy:
Reflexology with hands is the most beneficial and convenient way to treat high blood pressure. Spread your palm as much as you can and make sure your fingers don't touch each other. Press the midpoint between your thumb and the first finger. Keep pressing the point for a few seconds and hold your breath till you relax the point. This helps to control your blood pressure and also helps to keep the arteries healthy which are affected due to rise in pressure.

reflexology for high blood pressure

4. Mid-Head Point:
The mid-head point means the exact centre of your head. If you are confused about the midpoint, comb your head with middle partition; this will help you to figure out the midpoint of the head. Apply appropriate pressure and relax it after every 10 sec. Continue the massage for the next 5-6 minutes. This will not only control the blood pressure but can also be practised during frequent headaches or migraines too.

reflexology for high blood pressure

5. Feet pressure:
You can practise this reflexology every morning so that you are healthy, cheerful and energetic throughout the day. Press the point that falls between the thumb and the next finger of the leg, which targets the liver exactly. Practising this workout regularly will help to cure hypertension and diabetes as well.

The above-mentioned reflexology can also be practised to cure diabetes, as hypertension may sometimes lead to diabetes.

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