Measles Immunisation Day 2016: 7 Things To Know About The Summer Disease

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Measles, which is also known as morbilli, rubeola, red measles, etc, is one of the worst summer diseases that is highly infectious and contagious.

The red rash is caused by a virus, which is popularly known as the measles virus. Patients who are infected with this virus have to be isolated, so that the virus does not spread. The gradual signs and symptoms of measles are high fever, which can rank upto 104.0 °F.

Along with high temperatures, the infection can also cause the patient to develop cough, runny nose and red eyes.

When these signs are noticed, the patient will also develop small white spots on the inside of the mouth. These white spots are called Koplik's spots.

In a few hours, or a day, the infected patient will witness red rashes on the body. The rash spreads to the entire body in 3-5 days.

Though this summer disease can be cured, there are some people who can face major complications with the disease that include diarrhoea, blindness, inflammation of the brain and pneumonia.

So, here are some of the things that you'll need to know about measles on Measles Immunisation Day 2016, take a look:


What Are The Causes & Symptoms Of Measles?

The first symptom of measles is high fever, which goes to 104.0 °F. Along with a burning temperature, the patient will witness watering of the eyes, sensitivity to light, loss of appetite, rash on the inside of the mouth and red rashes on the outside of the body. The main cause of measles are contact with an infected person, vitamin A deficiency, unhygienic living conditions and in some cases immunodeficiency due to HIV/AIDS.


What Is The Vaccine For Measles?

The vaccination for this deadly summer disease was introduced in 1963. The vaccination is a combination of measles-mumps-rubella-varicella combo (MMRV vaccine) vaccine.


How Long Does The Measles Vaccine Last?

According to the experts, it is stated that after two doses of MMR, the indiviual will be protected for 20 years from the summer disease. Then again, this protection is only 99 per cent positive.


Can You Die From The Measles?

If the proper medication isn't given to the patient as soon as the signs are noticed, the patient can get serious. Ignoring measles symptoms can lead to an inflammation in the brain, which is called encephalitis. This leads to death and it is mostly seen in children.


How Long Does It Take For The Measles Vaccine To Work?

Health experts state that once the vaccine is in the body, it starts to develop after two weeks.


Is There An Indian Diet For Measles?

You should follow a fruit diet for the first three days after being infected. The following days, add parsely to the diet, as this green veggie helps in healing the wounds faster. Add a lot of fluids to your diet as well, opt for coconut water, fresh fruit juice, lemon juice and plenty of water.


Can Home Remedies Treat Measles?

Bathing in neem leaves can cure this summer disease. Lukewarm water is the best, since it makes the skin feel better from all the itching.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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