Have One Garlic Clove Every Morning & Watch Out For These Amazing Benefits

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Eating garlic early in the morning, that too on an empty stomach might not be a palatable idea, but if one gets to know about the health benefits that come along with it, then for sure one would not deny having one.

Having raw garlic for its health benefits has been in use since the ancient times and probably this might have been suggested by your grandmother too when you suffer from serious cold.

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Known for its strong antibiotic properties, garlic helps in curing several health problems like indigestion, high blood pressure, common cold and also in boosting the immunity level.

Garlic is also known for its antioxidant properties. It contains one of the important compounds called allicin, that is known for its innumerable medicinal properties.

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Many of us use garlic for culinary purpose to give that tinge of fragrance to the food but we hardly realize its innumerable health benefits that come along with this small clove of garlic.

On the other hand one should also keep in mind its side effects too. If one is allergic to garlic, one should avoid it and consume it only under the strict supervision of a doctor.

A few of these health benefits are explained below. Take a look.


1. Boosts Immunity:

The compound allicin contained in garlic helps in boosting the immunity level. It is best to consume a clove of raw garlic every day in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps to boost the immunity level quickly.


2. High Blood Pressure:

For those suffering from high blood pressure, garlic helps in maintaining the blood pressure level. Consuming one-two cloves of raw garlic in the morning on an empty stomach helps reduce hypertension.


3. Combat Common Cold:

Garlic is one of the best ingredients used since ancient times to boost the immunity level. It helps in building up the body's immunity level to fight against any common infections like cold and cough.


4. Lowers Heart Disease Risk:

Garlic helps in controlling the bad cholesterol level and maintain the good cholesterol level in the body. This in turn helps in lowering the risk of heart disease.


5. Helps Prevent Cancer:

Chewing a raw garlic clove helps in preventing different forms of cancer like stomach, uterine and prostrate, to name a few. The allicin compound in garlic helps in destroying the cancer cells.


6. Detoxifies The Body:

Known for its antioxidant properties, garlic helps in detoxifying the body and removing the toxic substances from the body.


7. Prevents Dementia:

The antioxidant content in garlic helps in preventing the cell damage that could lead to ageing and prevents dementia. All you need to do is have one garlic clove in the morning on an empty stomach.


8. Bone Health:

Garlic is also known to improve bone health. A few studies conducted have shown that having raw garlic or dried ones helps to increase the oestrogen level in women and thus prevents bone loss and degeneration.

Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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