Women! Be Aware Of These Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

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The very word breast cancer scares every woman and it is one of the most dreaded diseases. You might have heard of someone losing her life due to breast cancer which otherwise could have been prevented if the patient was aware of the warning signs and diagnosed at the correct time.

So this is one condition where women need to be cautious and they should be aware of the signs of breast cancer. There are certain signs and symptoms of breast cancer that are found among women a little before the disease actually strikes hard.

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Identifying the warning signs and detecting breast cancer is very important. This helps in preventing any fatality. But this has been one of the major problems leading to an increasing number of breast cancer deaths.

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By the time the patient gets diagnosed she would have been almost in the third or fourth stage of cancer. This reason has been asserted by most breast oncologists as well.

Here is a list of a few of the early warning signs of breast cancer. Take a look.


1. Mole In The Breast:

This might be strange for one to believe but several studies conducted across the world have revealed that if you witness a new mole around your breast or there is a sudden change in the one you have then one should get it checked.


2. Severe Fatigue:

If a woman tends to suffer from severe fatigue that does not fade even with proper rest and sleep, then she needs to get herself checked for breast cancer. Along with fatigue, disturbed sleep is yet another sign.


3. Long Persistent Cough And Hoarseness:

When a woman is found suffering from a long persistent cough and the voice becomes hoarse then this could be a sign of breast cancer. This happens when the breast cancer spreads to the lungs and this condition has been reported in over 50 percent of breast cancer cases.


4. Bladder Control:

Yet another warning sign of breast cancer is the frequent urge to urinate and urine leakage while coughing or laughing. This happens when the bladder control gets affected.


5. Sudden Back Pain:

Back pain can be common but when it starts suddenly and it comes along with pressure on the spine, this could be a sign of breast cancer. Hence back pain should not be neglected.

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Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2016, 10:15 [IST]
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