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Foods To Eat After Removal Of Wisdom Tooth

By: Akila Seetharam Indurti

What Is A Wisdom Tooth?

Our ancestors were quite right to name the molars, which usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25 years, as wisdom teeth, as the individual is mature and, therefore, wiser by the time these teeth erupt. Science also supports this theory, as it says that the brain reaches full maturity by the time a person is 25 years of age.

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Causes For The Removal Of Wisdom Tooth

Why then should we go through the pain of having them removed? Sometimes, the jaw may not be large enough to fit the newly erupted tooth. Sometimes, the tooth is impacted and might not be able to pierce through the gums. More often, the tooth gets broken causing the gum tissues to grow over it and cause infection due to trapped particles. Another common reason is that the tooth grows awkwardly forcing the dentist to remove it and prevent future problems.

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Foods That Can Be Eaten After The Removal Of Wisdom Tooth

So, what are the foods that can be eaten after the removal of wisdom tooth? The dental surgeon will recommend you to have a scoop of ice cream and allow it to linger on the area that underwent the procedure. The dentist would also advise you to apply ice packs on the cheeks for 15 to 20 minutes at a time at least on the first day. This prevents swelling of the face.


A Cool Scoop Or A Fresh Drink

After resting awhile, you can eat ice cream and also drink juices. But, avoid using straw as the sucking can loosen the blood clot and hamper the healing process. You can certainly slurp on the juices, but drink small sips directly from the glass. It is important to eat well, as it will help you to recover your strength quickly. But, it is essential to eat sensibly.


The Soothing Yoghurt

The doctor would also prescribe a few antibiotics that might cause stomach irritation and diarrhoea, which may last for a few days. In order to get over this, it is good to consume yoghurt to soothe the tummy.


Drink Them Right

Liquid foods like soups, juices, broth, kanji, milkshakes and smoothies can be had initially.


All Time Comfort

Dal Kichdi is a great comfort food and is extremely nutritious. Soft, mushy foods like pudding, oatmeal and porridge can be taken. Foods that can be mashed and are soft to eat without straining the tooth should be eaten.


Go Bananas

Ripe bananas make a great meal.


Give Me More

Pasta, macaroni, mashed potatoes, nicely mashed soft rice, pureed vegetables, cereals in milk and custard add variety as well as give nourishment.


Blow Them Cold

Eat foods that are not very hot. Cool foods are gentle on the teeth and gums during this period. You can slowly return to solid foods and this depends on the comfort level of each individual. It is best not to push oneself if there is pain or discomfort while chewing or opening the mouth. The doctor would also give a few mouth exercises, which should be done with diligence to help get back to normal soon.


Say No For These

A few don'ts to remember at this juncture. Hard and crunchy foods that require chewing and cause strain to the teeth should be avoided. The crust or hard particles can get lodged in between the stitches and can cause an infection.


Rinse And Cleanse

Rinsing the mouth with salt water cleanses the mouth and it also aids in the healing process. Go gentle on the area where there are stitches during brushing. Use brushes with soft bristles and avoid flossing during this period.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 9, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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