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Does Baking Soda Cure Heartburn?

By: Ajanta Sen

Food is a basic need of every living organism. We need food to grow and live in a healthy way. The modern lifestyle has gone wayward as people practice and follow many faulty and ill habits while consuming their food.

The health benefits of fruits, green and leafy vegetables and various other healthy things can never be put under any doubt whatsoever. However, farmers use various types of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to protect their crops from insects which end up making them poisonous.

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oes baking soda cure heartburn

As a result, the human body has developed some diseases on a permanent basis. Acidity, indigestion and constipation are some of the diseases that people from all over the world suffer from. Heartburn is one such disease that causes great inconveniences. It is just a symptom that can led to some serious consequences.

Though the market is flooded with a wide variety of antacid medications, people still show a great faith in the baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate. Primarily, this soda has some great features that are very effective in treating heartburn.

oes baking soda cure heartburn

Essentially, it is an antacid that people can get right from their kitchen. You must know that baking soda has a great impact on the human health as it brings about a great relief from heartburn.

Preparing the baking soda mixture to get relief from heartburn is a very easy thing and even children can prepare it. Mix half a teaspoonful of baking soda with a glass of water, and then drink the water. If you are suffering from the problem severely, then you should take the mixture frequently, preferably at an interval of 2-6 hours.

oes baking soda cure heartburn

However, taking the advice of your doctor can be very essential as doctors have the right knowledge to suggest the right way to get the advantages of baking soda to get rid of heartburn. The preparation can be taken in three different variations that you can make by adding a few drops of lemon juice, honey and both lemon juice and honey together in the baking soda and water solution.

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oes baking soda cure heartburn

However, you need to remember a few warnings before you start drinking baking soda during heart burn. Following are a few of them:

1) Never forget to take the advice of the doctor before you decide to take baking soda to cure heartburn.

oes baking soda cure heartburn

2) You also need to find out if your body is sensitive to sodium-restricted intake. Take the doctor's advice again.

3) This should not be given to kids below the age group of five years.

oes baking soda cure heartburn

4) Follow the doctor's advice strictly, as far as the quantity of baking soda is concerned.

Remember, the impact of baking soda can be good for the body, provided you take it as it is prescribed by the doctor.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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