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Causes And Remedies For Snoring

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How can you stop a snorer from snoring? Like any health condition, it is vital to find out what is causing the problem to begin with. The same is true for snoring as it is critical to identify the cause and then start an appropriate treatment to stop snoring. Having a much better understanding of what is causing a person to snore can assist you to discover the right treatment to stop snoring.

What you will find is that the causes of snoring are different in case of different individuals. The general cause is that there is something that causes a blockage in the airway passage and does not help a person to breathe properly. It is up to you to determine what is causing the blockage in the airway.

causes for snoring

Lots of materials that affect muscle relaxation cause snoring. Anything from alcohol to drugs to medicines may affect your throat muscles. This in turn restricts the air passageway and certainly will lead to snoring.

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An easy treatment to stop snoring might be to buy a nasal spray over the counter if you are experiencing a stuffy nose due to a cold. A stuffy nose limits the quantity of air that may pass through the nasal passage.

causes for snoring

Another way to stop a snorer from snoring is to ask him to stop smoking. While it may be incredibly hard to stop smoking, the person can restrict his snoring by just not smoking before going to bed.

Another way to stop a snorer from snoring is to stop him from sleeping on his back as this has been proved to restrict the air passageway, making it difficult to breathe normally. That is why a lot of specialised pillows are made to help one to sleep on one's side.

causes for snoring

According to research, if you are overweight, you can end up snoring. Hence, it is essential that a snorer maintains healthy body weight in order to stop snoring. Make sure that you sleep in hygienic conditions and do not become a victim of allergens as this could cause snoring.

Get enough sleep and rest everyday to stop snoring. When you are very tired, you end up snoring. Also check with the doctor to find out whether you have sleep apnea. This could also cause snoring.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 11, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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