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Eat These Fruits To Improve Digestion

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Super-foods should be a must add to your daily diet since they provide you with all the nutrients and proteins. According to the experts, one must consume at least two to three types of fruits everyday to gain the required energy.

Fruits like banana and papaya should be consumed early in morning and preferably on an empty stomach. These two fruits are rich in fibre and sodium along with other elements which are good to keep you active right through the day.


On the other hand, there are certain fruits you must consume post a meal. This is to aid in digestion. Fruits like pears and pineapple are rich in enzymes and fibre which keeps the gastrointestinal tract in a good working condition. They also aid in breaking down the hard to digest foods into proteins.

Here are some of the best foods to consume post a meal, to aid in better digestion. Take a look:



Pears are one of the many best gut foods you can consume once in a week. A recent study shows that pears provide ample fibre for good stools. Pears are also sodium-free, cholesterol-free, fat-free and contain 190 mg of potassium which makes it a good enough fruit to aid in digestion.



Apples too are rich in fibre, making it one of the best foods to consume when suffering from digestive problems. Consume one apple 15 minutes post a meal to help in breaking down the foods you have consumed with ease.



Diabetics who are suffering from severe digestive problems should turn to raspberries. These little berries are high in fibre and low in sugar content. They are also low in calories which makes it a good food for the digestive system.



If you want to improve your digestion within 24 hours, turn to raw papaya. This fruit contains vitamin C to give you energy if you lost it to loose bowels. It contains papain that breaks down protein and makes it very easy to digest.



Bananas help restore normal bowel function which is why you should either consume it early morning or post a meal. Either ways, this super-fruit aids in improving and looking after your gut.



Many refrain from pineapples due to it's stingy feel it leaves behind on the tongue. However, this fruit is the best for digestion as it contains bromelain, an enzyme which is good for breaking down foods.



You should know that 1 cup of dried figs contain roughly 15g of fiber which is sufficient to break down foods. Binge on one cup of figs post a meal to aid better digestion.



This fruit is a powerhouse of en number of nutrients, vitamins and energy. Consume half an avocado post meals to break down the hard-to-digest foods with ease.

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