Frightening Facts About Seasonal Cold & Cough

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Seasonal cold and cough are troublesome and the weather is to be blamed for this sudden illness. When the climate changes, the body temperature fluctuates either increases or decreases, thus disturbing the organs in the body to function properly.

The cold spells, heavy rains and the viruses combined, give rise to a number of infections which cause a drop in the immunity consequently, inviting a sudden cold and cough.

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Together with this, the changes in eating habits and poor hygiene make one more susceptible to harmful infections, thus increasing the chance of falling sick.

To prevent seasonal cold and cough, there are home remedies one can follow, that will boost the immunity to fight back on it's own.

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Drinking green tea instead of a normal cup of milk or black chai will help fight harmful germs in the body. AlsoReplacing all types of meats with more vegetables will provide the body with a good amount of protein and consuming one fruit a day will help in keeping infections at bay.

By following these simple tips, seasonal illnesses can be prevented to a certain level. On the other hand, here are a few frightening facts about seasonal cold and cough. Take a look at these facts, they are daunting:


Lack Of Sunlight

The rays of the sun provide us with vitamin D. During the winter season, there is a lack of sunlight, which means the body will receive less amount of vitamin D. When the body lacks this vitamin, the immunity is affected and thus one falls ill.


The Air

The presence of dry and cold air during the winter season can dry out the nasal passage. This irritates the lungs and the throat causing a cough and an infection. The best way to prevent this seasonal illness is to prevent inhaling this cold air through the mouth.


In The Summer

When the wind is hot, the body begins to sweat. At times, the sweat attracts dust particles which give rise to respiratory allergies and infections in the throat, causing a dry cough.


The Power Of Liquids

During the winter season we drink hot liquids to maintain a proper body temperature. In the summer, we drink chill beverages and this increases the risk of infections such as cold and cough.


Monsoon Weather

The rainy season is the most notorious season in the year. It gives rise to cold and flu since there is no proper sunlight to kill the harmful germs in the air. The other fact about this seasonal illness is cold and flu, runny nose and nasal congestion along with fever.


Chances Of Pneumonia

During the monsoon season, there is a high chance of developing Pneumonia (especially, the ones suffering from lung diseases and disorders). This is because of the unpredictable rains, many people get completely drenched.


Change In Climate Temperature

One of the reasons for seasonal illness is also the hot weather after after a heavy rainfall . This sudden change triggers cough due to infections, breathing problems and allergies.

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