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Facts About Male Breast Cancer


Well, what is male breast cancer? Most of us are convinced that breast cancer affects only women. But it also occurs in men when there is an cancerous growth of cells inside the breast area. When those cells totally reach an abnormal state, then it is known as an advanced state.

10 Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer

In women estrogen influences the growth of breast whereas in men, the testosterone is responsible for the suppression of growth in the breasts. That is why male breasts appear smaller.

What are the signs of signs of male breast cancer? Well, the symptoms include a painless lump in the chest, redness on the skin, retraction of the nipple. In some cases, the nipples discharge moisture.

Steps To Detect Breast Cancer

The cancer spreads to other areas too. But most of the above symptoms may or may not indicate breast cancer. Only a doctor can confirm the same or help you in detecting breast cancer.

Some Facts About Male Breast Cancer

Hormonal Changes

Though male breast cancer is a rare occurrence, it is due to estrogen levels or exposure to radiation.

Formation Of Lump

One significant symptom of male breast cancer is the formation of a lump on the skin which exists right below the nipple.


It is important to undergo surgery as a part of the treatment procedure. Other types of therapy are chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and radiation.


The stage of the cancerous growth indicates the risk factor. Though the actual causes are not yet known, experts say that both genetic factors and environmental conditions increase the risk factor.


How to detect male breast cancer? The cells in the breast tissue are examined to identify tumours. Using a needle the cells are drawn out and examined with the help of a microscope. Early detection and early treatment can decrease the risk.

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