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Everything Women Should Know About Menopause

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For most of the women, menopause happens between 45 to 55 years. It is a phase that isn't exactly a time women would look forward to. During this stage in a woman's life, there tend to be drastic hormonal changes which will bring on hot flashes, sleep problems, vaginal discomfort, metabolic changes and mood swings.

How To Postpone Menopause

Menopause can be difficult, but once a woman becomes aware of how to handle this change in life, the transition will be smooth sailing. There are certain facts about menopause every woman needs to be aware of.

One should also know as to how long menopause lasts, what the symptoms are and how to deal with this change in an effective manner. Menopause symptoms begin years before the actual change occurs; so keep an eye on those changes.

How Soy Rich Foods Help In Menopause

On the other hand, women should know that these changes are different for every woman. Studies state that women who belong to the Asian countries reported fewer physical and psychological symptoms than other ethnic groups. And, African American women suffered more changes when compared to most women around the globe.

When the woman comes close to the menopausal age it is necessary for her to take a blood and urine test. This test determines the hormonal level changes which are needed to put all complications and risks at rest.

Take a look at some of the facts about menopause women should know about:


12 Months Without Period

Menopause means the ovaries have stopped producing estrogen. If missing a period over 12 months, it is an indication that menopause has commenced. Visit a doctor to be positively sure.


When Does Menopause Occur ?

On an average, menopause occurs around the age of 51 years. During this time, women are prone to a lot of physical and mental changes. Family members should be of great support to women who are going through the menopausal period.


Symptoms Of Menopause

There are a ton of symptoms associated with menopause and for every woman it is different. The common signs of menopause include hot flashes and weight gain.


Menopause Equals Bone Loss

Menopause Equals Bone Loss - Recent studies indicate that some women also experience bone loss at the time of menopause. It is important for women to include more calcium in their diet in the form of milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs etc. These foods promote better bone health.


Risk For The Heart

A new case study shows that menopause is linked with heart diseases. Women who are undergoing the process of menopause should stick to a healthy lifestyle which benefits the heart and keeps it healthy.


Lifestyle Is Important

Following a healthy lifestyle is the key to a successful menopausal period. Women should have a positive mind and gradually deal with the symptoms.


Menopause Causes Headaches

Did you know headaches are one of the painful things experienced at the time of menopause? This is because of the sudden mood swings and hormonal changes. After the period, the headaches slowly decrease.


Menopause Wrecks Your Sleep

Menopause is also linked to sleepless nights. This is mainly caused due to the hot flashes experienced at night. It is suggested that women should follow simple home remedies to get rid of this problem.

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