Is Black Tea Good For Cold?

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A dry scratchy throat and runny nose is the most annoying of all infections and diseases. Cold can lead to further head ache and annoyance. You can get rid of irritating the cold using natural brews without any use of external medications. Hot coffee, tea or any herbal health drink can help you to get rid of cold.

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One such beverage which is good for cold is black tea. Black Tea provides relief from cold and cough. It helps to clear the throat and stop runny noses. In this article we will discuss why black tea is a good beverage to drink when you're down with a cold.

Is Black Tea Good For Cold?

1.Anti-inflammatory properties –
Black tea has anti-inflammatory properties which help to bring down the inflammation in the throat caused due to cold. The inflammation causes irritation and roughness in the throat. Black tea is therefore a good drink to have when you are suffering from cold and throat infection. Drink a hot cup of black tea at least twice a day to get an instant relief from cold and cough.

2.Vitamin B – Vitamin B hikes up the immunity of our system. Luckily, black tea is a great source of vitamin B. It can provide vitamin B to our body, which is essential for boosting our immunity. Immunity is important to battle the cold and cough producing viruses in your body. Therefore, drink a cup of black tea every day even if you are not suffering from cold. The regular consumption of black tea will help to increase your immunity and keep you healthy. TRY THE BEST TEAS AFTER A WORKOUT

3.Anti viral –
Black tea with a drop of lemon in it will fight down every single virus in your body. The lemon has anti viral properties which help to kill the entire virus colony residing in our body. Black tea with lemon has other health benefits as well. Therefore, do not forget the tea and lemon combination when you have cold. It is a good remedy for cold and cough.

4.Anti-oxidants – Black tea is rich in anti-oxidants like flavanoids, theanine and so on. These are anti-oxidants which help to boost the immunity of our system. Anti oxidants also help to clean our body from toxins and unwanted substances. Regular intake of black tea does not only help you to cure cold but also helps to lower down chances of developing nasty cold in the future. Therefore, black tea is a good remedy to cure a common cold.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 17:30 [IST]
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